Are you willing to work?

Are you willing to work?

We still have people signing up for the Whole Life Challenge. Super exciting! These are people who are ready to make some lasting, sustainable, positive, healthy changes to their lifestyle. It’s not to late!

To those of you still on the fence, this is for you….

Why I need the Whole Life Challenge more than I think“:
Because I haven’t set a PR on anything in a while.
Because I am asking myself “what’s a PR?”
Because Mocha Frappuccino’s have made their way back into my daily routine.
Because I can “pinch an inch” (or much more) on my waistline.
Because I’ve been half-assing it.
Because I’ve been watching someone else give it 110%, and I’ve seen their results.
Because it’s almost time for skinny jeans again.
Because I want those 5 damn dead hang pull ups.
Because the kids are back in school.
Because summer flew by along with my dreams for a summer body.
Because it’s football season.
Because those summer BBQs & beers have caught up with me.
Because I can afford $45.
Because I am not afraid of a little competition.
Because I’ve come this far.
Because I know I can be a better version of myself.
Because CrossFitters thrive with encouragement, goal-setting, and structure.

Tuesday’s Workout

A. Weighted Chin up 5 x 1

B. Weighted Pushup 5 x 2

C. Front Squat 5 x 3

-Post Load of all three movements

Skill of the Week: Hand Stand Push Up

Wednesday’s Workout

3 minutes Run (distance)
3 minutes Burpees
3 minutes Row (calories)
3 minutes Ring Dips

Rest 2 minutes exactly

-Score Burpee, Row, and Ring Dips

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