Athlete Spotlight: Sergio L.

Athlete Spotlight: Sergio L.

Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico

Age: 31

Profession: Advocate at Shelter for Abused Women and Children

What did you do for fitness before CrossFit? Did you play any sports growing up?

Well before CrossFit I tried different exercise programs but never got any results. I played soccer growing up and football  

How did you first get exposed to CrossFit?

I worked with Coach Gregorio “Greg” and he always talked about how great it was and that I should try it. So I did.  

What was your first workout and how did it go? How did you feel after?

It was Wall Balls, sit-ups and jump rope. I felt like crap. I couldn’t feel my legs and arms for a couple of days.  

Favorite CF Movements: Wall Balls and Dead-Lift  

Least Favorite Movements:

Front Squat, Overhead Squat. My mobility is not that great and these exercises are the ones I struggle with the most.  

Favorite Cheat Meal:

There are so many. My wife is Dominican so when she makes Pernil  with Moro and fried plantains and to top it of with some Flan. Yeah Boy.  

Favorite Paleo Meal: Grilled Chicken  

What’s one thing that most people don’t know about you?

I have 3 beautiful surprises, my children. Also I may be ugly and serious in the outside but I am a Sexy Mexican Teddy Bear inside.  

What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and fitness since starting CF (before/after)?

Well first of all my weight has dropped down a lot. I feel healthier. My fitness well I’m able to run without running out of breath which is great when you have children.  

What sort of unexpected changes in your life have you experienced out of taking on something like CrossFit?

Sometimes is easy to quit something when you’re not great at it, but when you succeed you feel great. Mentally I try to challenge myself and get better every day in all aspects of my life. 

Any advice for people just getting started or new to CrossFit?

Nothing in this world doing is easy, for the first 2 months I would come in extremely nervous just thinking of what the workout would be. It doesn’t get easier you just get better.  

What are your hobbies, interests and/or talents outside of CrossFit?

I love spending time with my family. I love watches so I like collecting them, I always wanted one as a kid and now that I can buy them why not.
Athlete Spotlight- Sergio L.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A) Skill: Handstand Push Up

B) 15 min AMRAP:

  • 300 meter run
  • Max Rep Pull Ups

coming Wednesday

A) DL Complex Start in Hang 1 top of knee, bottom of knee, full DL. Stay at moderate loads

B) “Annie”

50-40-30-20-10 of:

  • Double-Unders
  • Sit-ups

C) Cash Out: 30 Strict Chin ups

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