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Morning Rituals equals Life Rituals

Team Mobility

It’s 4:20 am and my alarm has just gone off. I head to the restroom on the way to the kitchen where my hot cup of coffee is awaiting my lips (don’t ever buy a coffee maker without automatic brew) It’s my favorite part of the day and has been for the last decade. It’s […]

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

From neighborhood driveways and city streets to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, people everywhere can be seen dumping buckets of ice water on their heads to raise awareness and funds to fight ALS. Children, adults and celebrities alike are joining the social media phenomenon to fight back against a disease that currently has no treatments or cures. […]

Life is an Endless To-Do List

Never Ending To Do List

If you’re like me you wake up and think of all the things your have to do that day before you feet touch the ground. It’s second nature. When you complete a task you check it off and move to the next. Hoping you have enough time in the day to do all those things […]

Power Couple: Cassie & Shaun D.

Power Couple- Cassie & Shaun

We have had the pleasure of getting to know both Cassie and Shaun very well throughout the last year and we can see the love and passion they have for one another. No matter what, they always manage to get here every week and make it work with 3  kids of their own. Even after […]

Bring a Friend Week!


Join us all next week for Bring A Friend Week! Each day there will be a different all levels team WOD programmed, with fun being the most important factor! What’s in it for THEM? This is their opportunity to finally get to see what you’ve been talking their ear off about and what a great workouts looks […]

Water is Killing You


The Question: If it’s just filled with water, what’s so bad about not washing my water bottle? The Answer: If you have a bottle that you use every day for water-drinking purposes, congratulations! We’re all about hydration here at Healthy Living. But here’s a question for you: When’s the last time you actually washed that water bottle? After […]

Athlete Spotlight- Bob M.

Athlete Spotlight- Bob M.

Hometown:   Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada Age:  Old for a dog, but young for a tree (but 38 in people-years) Profession:  Technically I’m a “Solutions Specialist”, but it basically boils down to a cushy desk job. What did you do for fitness before CrossFit? Did you play any sports growing up? I actually did Ukrainian dancing […]

Pastries With Brad

Pastries With Brad

We have some very talented people in our gym. One of our long time members, Brad Banks was recently featured in Naples Daily News for his spectacular culinary skills. If you’ve tried his pastries and cakes then you know he is definitely one of the best in town!  Congratulations Brad, you deserve it! (The cake […]

Knowledge is Power

You Are What You Eat

Did you know that the first five years of life create the foundation for the child to accomplish key developmental advances in the mind and body*. If the fuel sources growing up is deficient in key vitamins and minerals or laden with chemicals it could cause physiological and chemical imbalances growing up during adulthood.Watching that video has […]

Athlete Spotlight: Sergio L.

Athlete Spotlight- Sergio L.

Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico Age: 31 Profession: Advocate at Shelter for Abused Women and Children What did you do for fitness before CrossFit? Did you play any sports growing up? Well before CrossFit I tried different exercise programs but never got any results. I played soccer growing up and football   How did you first get exposed to […]

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    In the pursuit to constantly offering the best quality coaching that CF Naples can offer Mario & Kirk will be attending a CF Football certification. With that said, that Saturday there will be Open Gym from 8:00-12:00 pm.

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    Starting September 9th, Every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 am. If you have any friends or family members that are intimidated or just simply so far removed from physical activity that they fear getting injured in a CrossFit class? THIS IS THE PROGRAM FOR THEM! We feel confident in our abilities to anyone through our Boot Camp program and into CrossFit classes in just 6 weeks.

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    Satuday September 20th from 10:00-10:30 am. Skill clinics are 30 minute sessions designed to give each participant coaching and instructions on CrossFit movements that coaches do not have time to cover in detail during regular classes. Skill Clinics are INCLUDED in every membership.

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