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The CrossFit Weekly: Sept 7-13

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This week at the box!  Hope everyone is enjoying their long Labor Day weekend!

Community Labor Day WOD is happening this Monday September 7th at 9:00 am.This is a community wod so bring your family and friends all are welcome. This will be the only class for the day.

Birthdays This Week:
Monday – Diana C.
Wednesday – Jay C.
Sunday – Claudia O.

Upcoming Next Week…Complimentary Skill Clinic: 5 Must Try Deadlifts (Saturday September 12th at 10:00 am) – Skill clinics are 30 minute sessions designed to give each participant coaching and instructions on CrossFit movements that coaches do not have time to cover in detail during regular classes. Skill Clinics are INCLUDED in every membership.

Saturday, September 5th, 2015

A) 8 RM Barbell Row

B) 12 Min Farmer Carry

  • Single Hand, Switch When Tired

Goal – Stay Moving Entire Time

coming Monday…



40 Min AMRAP:

  • 400m Run as a Team
  • 29 Back Squats (135/95)


What is the 10 Minute Squat Test?


A basic test of lower body flexibility and mobility that…

Is a “truth-teller” about if your lower body range of motion is adequate for a long and healthy life of movement, exercise and play! Facilitates digestion, Prevent’s or eases low back tightness (when practiced religiously) Ensures a healthy spine and joints for years to come (there’s a reason most cultures in the world who use the squat as a basic resting position don’t have the kinds of back pain we have in our modern society!)

Try out this 10 minute test of your lower body flexibility and mobility! Continue reading…

Thursday, September 3rd, 2015


A) Benchmark “GRACE” Scored

30 Reps for time  – Clean and Jerk 135 lbs / 95 lbs

B) 15 Minutes – Low Bar Prowler Push

15 Yards – Rest 1 Minute Between Sets

coming Friday…


A) 15 Minutes Handstand Practice

  • HSPU, Deficits, Holds, Wall Walks

B) 3x 400m Runs @ 80%-90%

Rest 3 Mins Between

Modify to 300m if First Run is Over 1:30

Power Couple – Paul & Juli K.

Power Couple-FINAL

What made you guys decide to take on CrossFit together?

Paul – (Age 74) When we began – overweight, pre diabetic, left shoulder issues, lack of mobility and fitness.  Now has lost 30 plus pounds, improved left shoulder flexibility, greatly improved mobility/fitness.  Juli – (Age 69) When we began – Overweight, high blood pressure, lack of mobility and fitness.  Now has lost about 20 pounds, reduction in BP meds by ½, significantly improved mobility and fitness. Ran 1st 5K in under an hour in May 2015.  We spotted the sign for Crossfit Naples in August 2014 and went together to explore the facility. Mario, met with us about the program and signed us up for personal training. We were very out of shape. Could not easily get up off the floor, were tentative about walking down stairs, lifting packages, Paul had shoulder issues, etc.

What do you find yourself doing to motivate each other?

Like most people, we are lazy and often don’t make the time for home workouts – even though we have directions. There are some days that we are less enthusiastic about working out at the box, but we know how important it is. Our motivation is knowing that Mario will have a well-planned workout to challenge us geared to our fitness level. There was an ad during the Crossfit Games that featured a 70’s plus lady with knee and hip replacements working out to improve her quality of life. Like her, we have discovered that vigorous workouts are needed for people of every age to maintain flexibility, endurance and strength for as long as possible. Continue reading…

Tuesday, September 1st, 2015


A) 15 Min AMRAP:

  • 6 Deadlifts (185 lbs.)
  • 7 Parallete Pushups
  • 8 KB Hybrid Swings (70/53)

B) Panda Stretch

coming Wednesday…


A) Back Squat – Build up to a Heavy 5 Rep, Not Max

B) For Time 12-9-6-3:

  • OHS (135/95)
  • Burpee Box Jumps