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Athlete Spotlight – Victoria R.


Hometown: Naples, FL

Age: 19

Profession: Student

What did you do for fitness before CrossFit? Did you play any sports growing up?  I ran cross country & track in middle school & some years throughout high school. I also did soccer but my knee injuries did not allow me to play so I stuck with running. I have been running ever since and I ran my first marathon in February.

How did you first get exposed to CrossFit?  I first got exposed years ago by my Dad when he used to watch the games on TV, not having a clue what the massive athletes were doing. As I was increasing my miles in my running I started to lose muscle mass and I wanted to find something to help me and that’s when I found crossfit bootcamp.

What was your first workout and how did it go? How did you feel after?  I do not remember my first bootcamp session but I do remember my first class as a member. We did one rep max deadlifts and I was unable to walk correctly the rest of the week.

Favorite CF Movements: Sled drags, prowlers and cleans

Least Favorite Movements: Double unders, I’m too uncoordinated for them

Favorite Cheat Meal: Froyo is my weakness and I will always give into chocolate

Favorite Paleo Meal: Steak with asparagus or green beans

What’s one thing that most people don’t know about you? I have a nose piercing.

What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and fitness since starting CF (before/after)? My body is more toned & I’m thinking more about what I eat.

What sort of unexpected changes in your life have you experienced out of taking on something like CrossFit? I’m typically thinking about doing crossfit rather than running and I am always wanting to do a crossfit movement wherever I am.

Any advice for people just getting started or new to CrossFit?  There will be good workouts and bad workouts, movements that come easy and movements you think you will never do but practice makes perfect!

What are your hobbies, interests and/or talents outside of CrossFit?  I am obsessed with my nephew, I love doing any outdoor activity, spend most of my time at work, school or I am working out. I love to thrift shop and run races and I have a surprisingly HUGE appetite.

Saturday, May 30th, 2015:

  • Pullups
  • Box Step ups
  • Toes to Bar
  • Situps

coming Monday…

Teams of Two:
  • Row 500m
  • 50 Bench Press (1x BW /.75x BW)
  • Row 1,000m
  • 40 Bench Press
  • Row 2,000m
  • 30 Bench Press

The TEN TENdencies of a CrossFit Athlete


1. The stopwatch is your best friend, NOT your enemy.

2. When, dealing with injury (notice I said when, not if) stop what your doing and take care of it. Period.

3. Standards are also your best friend, NOT your enemy. Without them we would never know our true potential.

4. There is no such thing as weakness if you work at them often enough.

5. Know your strengths and keep them that way.

6. Smile: It cost nothing but means everything.

7. Once you have mastered the mechanics of a movement it’s your duty and obligation to teach it to others. A great coach is a by-product of a great athlete.

8. If you don’t like the Paleo Diet eat lean meats, fruits and vegetables, some fruit little starch, no sugar (pssssst- that is the Paleo Diet!)

9. Goals: We all have the same kinds of goals just different degrees of them.

10. Nobody is forcing you to do Crossfit so have FUN with it.

 Thursday May 28, 2015

A) Back Squat 3 x 5

B) 3 RFT
  • 300m Run
  • 16 Pistols (8 each side)
  • 12 Handstand Push Ups

coming Friday…

4 Sets,  4 Minutes each:
  • Run 400m
  • 10 Front Squats
  • Max Rep Burpees
    (1 minute rest)

Getting to Know Your Kitchen


Since Paleo is all about home cooked food, it’s only natural to learn how to become comfortable in the kitchen. Most people who dread cooking really only have a problem with it because they feel clueless or overwhelmed. If cooking skills could be acquired automatically, Matrix­-style, everybody would love to cook.

So today we wanted to give you a few quick hacks that should make it much easier for you in the kitchen. 

Using the wrong knife for the job is bound to bring frustration. Never use a steak knife to prepare food; they only come in handy when eating the food, not preparing it. Use a chef’s knife for most jobs (chopping, mincing, slicing, …) Don’t try to cut meat or vegetables with a paring knife (the short and stubby one), instead use a paring knife for precision work (peeling, deveining, removing seeds, …)

No need to break the bank either to own good knifes. Most inexpensive brands will do just fine. The shape of the knife itself is more important than the quality of its build or its stainless steel. Avoid using your knifes on hard surfaces like glass, as this damages the knifes much more rapidly.

Meat Doneness: 
Make life easier on yourself and avoid making mistakes by using a meat thermometer every time you cook a protein. Chefs know when it’s ready by instinct and by touch, but right now you’re not trying to be the next Gordon Ramsay, so avoid frustration and get a basic meat thermometer. Perfect roasts every time!

Taste, Taste, Taste: 
Taste everything (except raw meat) as you go and you’ll slowly learn to differentiate when something is too salty or when something is too bland. If you’ve added too much of something, you can often save the dish by adding more liquid to dilute the flavors.

These are just a few easy tricks, but they will get your head in the right space to understand that mastering your kitchen is not that difficult. You’ll be on your way to becoming great just by using these few tricks.

 Tuesday, May 26th, 2015:

A) 12 Minute EMOM
  • 2 Heavy Clean w/ 2 Second Pause in Bottom Position
    Score weight. RX = Bodyweight
  • Deadlift (BW) 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6
  • 30 Double Unders Between Each Set

coming Wednesday…

A) 10 Minutes Farmers Carry (70/45)
B) 10 Minutes Overhead Walks (165/115)
C) 10 Minutes to Find a 1RM Press