Boot Camp

What is Boot Camp?

Boot Camp workouts are one of the fastest-growing strength-and-conditioning-training trends in America.  It’s a vigorous workout that combines strength training, aerobics and gymnastics all in one so that you become fitter than ever imagined. Boot Camp offers an interesting balance of Intensity, Effort, Community, and Coaching, and is one of the best ways to do physical training in a group setting.

Boot Camp vs. CrossFit

There are more similarities than differences between CrossFit and Boot Camp, but the main difference is that in Boot Camp, there’s an absence of Boot Campheavy barbell work and technical movements such as the Olympic Lifts. This removes the fear of impossibility and gets down to mastering the basics. Getting people to move and breaking a sweat at high intensity works miracles. With Boot Camp you will develop your endurance, stamina, strength and speed.  All of these will benefit any athlete looking to perform their sport at a higher capacity for a longer period of time. For this reason, our Boot Camps particularly benefit our endurance athletes such as runners, bikers, and triathlon competitors. If you want a highly intense workout designed for any fitness level, but aren’t of the mindset to study the technical movements of CrossFit, then Boot Camp might be the perfect option for you.

“Boot Camp was a powerful experience.  It gave me increased energy and health. I started with the correct assumption that I knew absolutely nothing about working out.  You will be amazed where the coaches can take you by the end of Boot Camp. ” Derek N.

Why should they sign up?

There are a ton of people who think they aren’t in good enough shape for CrossFit. THIS PROGRAM IS FOR THEM! They can learn the basics of proper technique, gain confidence in their new abilities, and springboard to a lifelong journey in pursuit of better health!

“CrossFit Naples Boot Camp was an exciting time in my life. I’ve been watching CrossFit on TV for some time and have always wondered what, if anything it could do for me. If Lindy (a member at CFN) would have never invited my wife to the “MURPH” workout I would most likely still be working out in my same ole’ fashion routine that I grew up doing. Boot Camp really opened my eyes that a hard intense 20 minute workout can be more effective than a slow one-hour workout. After completing the Boot Camp program I committed to being a member of Crossfit Naples group classes. It’s tough but rewarding and I haven’t met a person yet that has any type of attitude other than a positive one. Thanks to the coaches for a great experience.”-Brandy B.
Our upcoming Boot Camp will put your friends and family on the fast track to their fitness goals.



  • This is a three-times-a-week membership for Mon,Tues, Thurs at 7:30pm ONLY 
  • Boot Camp limited to 20 participants
  • Cost is $99. (Normal Rate: $150)
  • If you have any questions, please email or call (239) 263-8122

What does a typical Boot Camp workout look like?

Boot Camp classes are 60 minutes and typically start with a dynamic warm up and various mobility exercises designed to get your body ready to work safely and effectively.  The main focus of the Boot Camp workout session is comprised of combinations of strength and aerobic conditioning exercises, which can employ any of the following, and more:  Weighted Sleds, Shuttle Runs,  Rowing, Band Work,  Jump Roping, Prowler Pushes,  Plyoboxes, Partner-Assisted ExercisesDumbells, Medicine Balls, Body Weight Exercises, Kettlelbells

Those are just some of the techniques we use in Boot Camp classes here at CrossFit Naples.  Our Boot Camp is a vigorous workout that will guarantee you’ll become fitter than you’ve ever imagined.

What are the benefits of a CrossFit Boot Camp workout?

There are four main reasons why our Boot Camp is so worthwhile:

  • Community 


  • Coaching



  • Intensity



  •  Effort



Intensity     If you are used to doing the same old routine and not seeing results then chances are you may not be pushing yourself.  We know that “intensity brings results“.  If you only have 60 minutes to get yourself fitter, than we want to make the most of it.  The condensed, nonstop movements of our Boot Camp classes may be something as simple three or four exercises repeated over a set amount of time OR a partner workout where you push each other to do your best.  Your workouts will vary daily and the constant shock and change to your routine will burn your system-in a good way. Effort Everyone wants results but not everyone puts in the effort.  In a regular gym it’s easy to skip reps or take long breaks between sets.  The way our Boot Camp classes are tailored, there’s no option other than maximum effort. It is our job deliver you an unmatched workout that will challenge you safely…but effectively.  It is your job to show up and give your best effort. 

“Well, I loved boot camp! It really helped me challenge myself and build up my skill set prior to transitioning into CrossFit. It’s a great way to test whether you’re ready for CrossFit and if you’ll even enjoy it. Even if you don’t transition into CrossFit, it’s a great program to help boost weight loss and increase fitness levels!” Cristina S.
Community Often times, a gym is just a collection of random individuals focused on doing their own different exercises.  At CrossFit Naples, we are a community. We actually enjoy working out together and the people who are out here are the nicest and friendliest people in the world. Whether it’s Boot Camp or any of our other classes, CrossFit Naples is about competing against yourself and not others. In fact, since the exercises are done in group workouts, the others often encourage you and help you push your boundaries. Even those who finish last get a round of high-fives for pushing themselves as hard as they can. Everyone has the same goal in mind: to get in the best shape possible. Because of that, everyone is on the same team and working for the same goals. The camaraderie at CrossFit is part of what makes this exercise experience so unique. Coaching We have a talented staff of certified instructors who understand the human body, nutrition and how the Boot Camp programming should be implemented for all athletes regardless of fitness level.  These coaches can tailor any workout to meet the needs of every member and support them all along the way.