Before and After: Camille Channer

1. What type of training were you doing before joining our gym?

I had absolutely zero experience with exercise. I hadn’t ever been physically active before. I didn’t have the confidence or prior knowledge to work out on my own and hadn’t found any sport or program that I was interested in or thought I could be successful at. I was terrified of looking foolish and I definitely had the mentality that you had to be fit already in order to work out (which was really the most foolish thing of all).

2. How long have you been training at Naples Strength & Conditioning?

Just over a year! I haven’t regretted a single minute. Even during the worst workout on my worst day, I wouldn’t trade my time here for anything.

3. How many days do you work out at our gym?

I come in 5 days a week. When I started, my body could really only handle 3 to 4 days (believe me, I tried to come more) and then I learned about my body’s recovery tendencies. Now I have a pretty solid routine.

4. Do you workout outside of the gym?

Not really.  I’ll occasionally go on a run, but since my shins hate running, I try to save it all for the gym.

5. How much weight have you lost?

At last count, I’ve lost 25 pounds. But I’ve gained quite a bit of muscle.

6. What was your biggest motivation for losing weight?

Before I joined, I thought that I was just an un-athletic person who was incapable of ever being in shape. But the thought of letting my 20’s pass me by without ever feeling good about my body terrified me. I realized that I had to take responsibility for my physical well-being. That responsibility isn’t reserved for those special “other” people in the world who seem to be born running a 6-minute mile.

7. What diet do you follow?

I log everything I eat on an app called MyFitnessPal and stay under a calorie limit that is healthy but encourages weight loss. I eat simple, whole foods and I’ve really ramped up my protein intake. Now that I feel like I’ve got a pretty good handle on that I’m trying to balance my macronutrients, which are based loosely on the Renaissance Diet.

8. How much of your weight loss has been exercise and how much has been diet?

I would say that about 85% of my weight loss has been diet. In my first 2 months of CrossFit, I lost 5 pounds. But the first time I did the LookFit Challenge, I lost 6 pounds in a month. It was at that point that I really began to understand and listen to my body.

9. What has been the most challenging part for you so far?

The most challenging part has been having patience in seeing results. For a long time, I felt like the results I was seeing weren’t proportionate to the amount of effort I was putting into my exercise and diet. The progress was there, though; it was just really slow. This is still something I struggle with because I’m not done. I still haven’t achieved my ultimate goal and I know that getting there will still take some time.

10. What advice would you give to someone to get the same results you got?

Your body is not the enemy. It needs to be strengthened and fed and cared for – not starved and beaten into submission. Give your body what it needs to run efficiently. Train it to do what it was designed to do. Respect it. Also, be patient with yourself. My coaches at the gym have told me a million times that progress doesn’t happen immediately. Anything that can be earned overnight will be lost just as quickly. Real improvement requires discipline and consistency (and that means not cherry-picking WODs!).

11. What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

Well, it’s not really a secret, but I have next to zero natural athletic talent. I can do things, but it’s all been hard-earned with bruises, sweat, and tears (no blood…yet). I’m not the most athletic woman in the world and I’ll never qualify for the Games, but I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that I’ve given this everything I have. And that counts for something.


Before and After: Michael P.

What type of training were you doing before joining our gym?
I’m 30 years old, a husband, and a father of 2 very young children with little exercise experience. When I first joined this gym, I had zero knowledge of CrossFit and what it was all about. I barely knew what to do with dumbbells or a barbell. I weighed 160 pounds and I exercised an average of twice a month on my own, which involved less than a mile of running and very few push-ups and sit-ups.

How long have you been training at Naples Strength & Conditioning?
I have been training with your community at Naples Strength & Conditioning for over 3 months now.

How many days do you workout at our gym?
I attend group class 4 to 5 days a week on average.

Do you workout outside of the gym?
Never. I stand in a small room for 8 to 10 hours a day, 5 days a week for work. The only exercise I get, where my heart rate actually goes up, is at your gym.

What is your nutritional philosophy?
My nutritional philosophy is that you are what you eat, so keep everything in moderation. After joining this gym, there wasn’t much change in my diet. However, I did cut out a few unnecessary carbs in the morning and began consuming more healthy protein after a workout, especially to help with recovery.

What has been the most challenging part for you so far?
The most challenging part has been having the patience with myself, to take things slow. Starting out, I had to use lighter weights and learn technique, so I wouldn’t injure myself. I was so ready for a change in my life that I wanted to learn everything faster than my body could handle. I knew that was wrong, so I took it one week at a time, slowly increasing weights and reps until I truly felt comfortable and stronger. After about one month, I kicked it up a notch and have been going ever since. Looking back, I’m so glad I didn’t rush into things as I have been able to really enjoy this experience and also recover on my days off.

What advice would you give to someone to get the same results you got?
My advice would be to stop making excuses as to why you can’t have an exercise routine and just show up.Have an open mind to learning new things and the coaches will take care of the rest. Then, once you get started, check your diet. It’s easier to make changes to your diet (if needed) once you’re invested and motivated. And lastly, too much of anything is not good. So be patient with yourself and your body, take some time to recover, and watch yourself transform.

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?
For most of my adult life, I felt this lingering guilt for not exercising on a consistent basis. So when I joined this gym, I decided to not do anything other than what the coaches advised and see what sort of results I get in 3 to 4 months. In that time, I lost an average of 1% of body fat per month, got seriously toned, and dropped the sulky attitude. I have a lot more energy and feel stronger than ever before. I never thought I’d be able to get myself up every morning to exercise, but I actually look forward to it. And best of all, I no longer carry this guilt for not taking time for my health and well-being. A big thank you to Naples Strength & Conditioning, for their community-oriented, results-driven philosophy that actually works.

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Athlete Spotlight: Amber P.

What did you do for fitness before CrossFit? Did you play any sports growing up? I danced for 16 years, swam competitively, and played volleyball,

How did you first get exposed to CrossFit? I saw it on Facebook and it looked like it was something I would be interested in.

What was your first workout and how did it go? How did you feel after? I just remember the first one having burpees but everyone cheered me on as I was the last one finished. I felt exhausted but ready for more.

Favorite CF Movements: deadlifts

Least Favorite Movements: burpees

Favorite Cheat Meal: Chinese and sushi

Favorite Paleo Meal: chicken lettuce wraps

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