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My Experience at a CrossFit Seminar

Written by Coach Brett

This past weekend I attended the Crossfit Level 1 Trainer Seminar in Miami, Florida. Speaking to plenty of coaches that have already completed the L1, I had somewhat of an idea of what to expect but I kept an open mind and was hyped to learn from some of the best in CrossFit.

Here are three major takeaways that stuck with me after completing the seminar:

The Diversity in CrossFit

Crossfit is spreading like wildfire. I already knew that to a certain extent but this weekend opened my eyes to truly how far across the world the Sport of CrossFit is spreading. The first person I met was from Jamaica, he and his best friend opened up the original Crossfit box in Jamaica. Other attendees were from South Africa, Netherlands, and even Egypt. The attendance this weekend set the record for a number of people ever at an L1 Seminar and although all 50 plus of us differed from different backgrounds and personalities, we were all there for one reason and that was Crossfit.

Community Driven

This goes along with my first point, the unity involved with the program is unmatched. From group classes to group seminars, to group competitions the desire to become “fitter” is in all of us and the message Crossfit delivers is loud and clear. You don’t see this in mainstream commercial gyms or training programs.  Not the case here, we all perform the same movements, understand and believe in the CrossFit program, and work to get better together.

Intensity delivers Results

Constantly varied, functional movements, at high INTENSITY. That is the definition of Crossfit. It is the formula that has proven to work and is the formula that all other training programs lack. Specifically referring to the intensity characteristic, it’s what separates the strong from the weak. This weekend taught me intensity is more than just the thought of working hard and fast, but ways to actually measure intensity. The lead training staff set a goal to deliver the message about intensity. They played a joke on us on the first day, they set up barbells next to the pull-up bars and told us we will be performing ” Fran ” which is arguably one of the hardest and most extreme benchmark work out Crossfit has to offer.

Everyone’s facial expressions changed, some people’s smiles turn to stone-cold faces, some people that were tired were woken right up, it was safe to say everyone was left uneasy. The lead trainer started the countdown 3..2..1 and then proceeded to tell us it was just a prank. The reactions were due to people understanding the seriousness nature and intensity it takes to perform Fran.Crossfit programming is set up with the goal in mind to produce the most power. With power comes intensity, and with intensity comes results. Through intensity, we will continue to get stronger both physically and mentally.

Overall I feel like I came back a better coach, athlete, and communicator.


Coaching Tips: Kipping Pull-ups

Before I found CrossFit, I had never seen a kipping pull-up. I had never heard of any other style of pull-up besides a strict, dead-hang pull-up. I remember watching videos of CrossFit workouts on YouTube and seeing athletes rocketing through sets of pull-ups, tearing their hands to pieces and I wanted in.

While all athletes are different, I developed a kipping pull-up before I had the strength to complete a dead hang pull-up. I have heard coaches recommend that the strict pull-up serve as a pre-requisite to the kipping pull-up progression out of concern for athletes injuring themselves on the more ballistic movement.

I respect this decision, but have found that I can safely develop an athlete’s mechanics in the kipping pull-up while simultaneously increasing their pulling strength with assisted strict pull-ups and other accessory exercises. Read More…

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