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How to establish a Healthy Monthly Tradition

By: Kirk K. 

Do you have any monthly traditions?

Monthly traditions can be a great tool to stay motivated. They can keep you excited and best of all mentally, socially, spiritually, and physically healthy.

My wife Cassie and I have made a couple monthly traditions lately that keep us looking forward to our exciting time together. One of our monthly traditions is going to the beach on the first Saturday or Sunday of each month.  

Below I list a few things that can get your imagination going on what you can do for YOUR monthly tradition. These recommendations will be in different categories positively affecting your overall health.

  1. Participate in a monthly 5k/10k. These can be a lot of fun while improving your health and fitness. You can also do these with friends to work on your social health!

  2. Go on a bike ride with friends and family

  3. Take your significant other on a dinner date. Make it healthy; lots of veggies, low carb, no desserts or alcohol.

  4. Work on your spiritual health and go to church or meditate on the beach. Many of you already do this more than just one hour a month, but if you aren’t it will give you some peace, clarity, and direction.

  5. Attend ROMWOD or Barbell Club at least 1x a month.

  6. Donate your time and energy to a non-profit organization helping those in need.

Make sure to always consider the health implications of your choice. Don’t choose monthly “ladies night”, drink too much, and sabotage your health. An alternative would be a  “girls day out” and have a healthy lunch followed by a mani’s and pedis. Fellas, likewise; don’t have a golf outing where you throw back a 6-pack on the front 9 as you drunk drive off the cart path. Instead, choose to walk the course drinking water. 

There are endless monthly traditions you can establish. Pick one that you can maintain, brings you and others joy, and ultimately makes you a healthier person.

CrossFit SPEAR coming to Florida (May 20–21)

Part 1

People who are really listening to this, we need to reframe what self-defense is. Most people think of self-defense as UFC, taekwondo, Thai boxing, MMA. Those are combat sports and martial arts. What happened to your wife was real world sh*t. I’m not here like going Chicken Little, you better come to the course– but the world is more violent than it’s ever been. Typically, what happens is a predator will look for somebody who has less situational awareness and is exhibiting less skills. Rarely do you see police officers getting mugged or raped. Why? Because they have a gun, they’ve got better situational awareness. We do see some blatant psychos attacking police officers, but if you contrast that against attacks against people like you and I. People are just at the ATM, just sitting in our car, just coming home with the groceries. Really, this isn’t a course about fighting, this is a course about not fighting. [Watch Clip]


Part 2

The three D’s: detect, defuse, defend. Your wife detected. She used the 80,000-year-old DNA, her intuition, and instincts and said there is something wrong, and she then verbally contacted you. So Phase 2 of every confrontation, if you have no awareness that something is happening, is Phase 2. Boom! It just happens. The biggest thing we do is we teach people how to respect and trust their instincts and intuition. Then we teach them an intelligent choice; how to choose safety, what are your strategies for choosing safety. In your case here with your wife, she called you. It’s like whoa! And then you, said hey talk to somebody at the store right away. You guys started to triangulate and initiate a strategy. It turned out that she got away. I mean that’s the biggest thing that I want for people who come to this seminar. [Watch Clip]


Part 3

Carl steps out of the store. He sees the guy come off the wall and kind of like look at him and then look away. Carl said he had this feeling. He had been mugged when he grew up in Spain. He said he got the same feeling that he use to get just before he was going to get mugged. What I tell people is if you have a bad feeling, do the safest thing you can do, because what happens if nothing happens? You’re still safe. What happens if you ignore it because your embarrassed or cognitive dissonance shuts it down? That wouldn’t happen in San Francisco outside of a Starbucks on a busy street. You get mugged. The downside of ignoring it, is the violence happens. And so, what happens is — and this is the whole point of the story, is Carl calls me right after. He does this thing where he grabs his phone and the guy is looking, he pulls the phone out and he pretends to make a call. He’s like 20 feet away with his coffee*and he goes, “You tell that mother******…”, and he starts screaming. [Watch Clip]


Part 4

Martial artist go you can’t learn in a week and it’s bullsh*t. Two reasons: One is because they can’t do it — they think other people can’t do it. It’s like saying — if I asked you this: can you learn to snatch in a weekend? The answer is yes. Have you learned everything about the snatch and will that be your best snatch ever that weekend? No, you never stop finessing and working the snatch. The snatch is an Olympic lift and it’s a very complex motor skill that integrates a lot of proprioception and neurological sh*t, and of course intensifying the weight. There is a whole bunch of factors. People confuse — like a joke I always make for the CrossFitters who are sitting on the fence, I go a real violent self-defense moment is like doing a thruster and martial arts is like learning Olympic lifting. A thruster always sucks whether you look like me or you look like Rich Froning. [Watch Clip]

— — — — — — — — — —

The CrossFit SPEAR team is going to be in Florida on May 20–21st and we wanted to make sure you, your coaches, and athletes knew about the course.

Here’s a link to the course registration page:

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us!

What would it cost you if you didn’t fight back?

Written By Tony Blauer

Make a list.




That is the correct response…if only real violence was like a video game and the fight-of-your-life was a multiple-choice test. But it’s not.

CrossFit SPEAR: Science of Self-Defense (Naples, FL) May 20–21st

I want you to spend 5 minutes and dig deeper than the obvious answers listed above. Discard cavalier comments like, “Sh%t happens”, “It’s a dangerous world out there”, “I have insurance”, “What’s in your purse that’s worth your life?” “ I’ll just shoot him” and so on.

Seriously think about what it would cost you?

I’m referring to the emotional/psychological taxes. Most people never consider violence’s deeper impact. The noxious effects that create PTSD, the memories that stain our mind-eye and silently agitate our nervous system.

When bad sh%t happens close-up, everything can change.

So what would you pay to avoid some of this? What would you pay to feel safer?

What if I told all you had to pay was ‘attention’?

Pay attention.

The cool thing about personal defense (regardless of your experience, gender, profession) is that most of what you need to know (and do) is already hard-wired into you. You don’t need to buy anything. You don’t need to sign up for anything. You just need to ‘pay attention’ and then act accordingly.

CrossFit SPEAR: Science of Self-Defense (Naples, FL) May 20–21st

We call it the Three D’s:

1) DETECT (to avoid)

2) DEFUSE (to de-escalate)

3) DEFEND (to protect).

Two-thirds of your personal safety takes place before you even step on the “X” (The “X” being symbolic for the time & place of an ambush).

The Three D’s is the basis of your ‘ Personal Defense Operating System’.

Two-thirds of confrontation management relies on awareness, mental toughness and fear management strategies before any contact is made. 

Avoiding danger should be the primary directive.

There’s a lot more to learn and we hope you can join us.

Register here:

May 20 — May 21, 2017

CrossFit Naples

CrossFit SPEAR: Science of Self-Defense (Naples, FL)