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Pull-Up Skills Clinic Sat, Feb 9th @9am

The people have spoken. In an overwhelming vote, 80% of those that answered the survey chose the kipping pullup as the movement of choice for our 1st Skills Clinic of the year.



TIME: 9-10AM


Ready to get your first pull up? Lacking rhythm on your kip? Want to be able to see an “RX” next to your name when the WOD has pull ups?

On February 9th, join us for a FREE hour long skill clinic. We will first cover the basics on how to develop the strength for a strict pull up and then move on to the skills required for kipping pull ups.



$15 Cancellation FEE if you reserve and don’t make it.

Free Skills Clinic

Saturday’s Workout


Team WOD:

8 Minute AMRAP of:

10 Power Snatches (135/95#)
20 Wallballs (20/14#)

Rest-Repeat for 4 minutes

…coming up Monday

3 rounds: 1 min go
Strict Pullup


Skills Clinic-Feb 2nd

We want to run a skills clinic during Open Gym for you guys next month but we want to get feedback on which skill you want to practice most. This skill clinic will be a FREE-one-hour instruction on Saturday morning (9-10am), February 2nd. If you’re interested please take the survey at the right of the screen. We want to keep the group small to ensure the most quality and improvement.


Monday’s Workout


Every Minute on the Minute for 15 min-
5 Deadlifts
4 Hang Squat Cleans
3 Thrusters
>Rx is 95/65 (scale up if thrusters are light…with caution)

Tuesday’s Workout

For Time:
50 Dips
Run 400 meters
50 Push-ups (hand release)
Run 400 meters
50 Handstand push-ups
Run 400 meters

Baseline RECAP

This Saturday we had hosted our 2nd ever Baseline Challenge, and it was a huge success! We had 19 athletes participate, and saw great effort and results by all. Here is a recap of what went down. The event started with our first women’s heat consisting of Kelly, Jen W, Danielle, and Anne. These ladies started off strong on the rower, and made quick transitions to the squats. They were ready to compete! Kelly was unstoppable on the air squats, and Jen was making up time on her “money maker” pushups! Danielle, one of our newest members, held on strong, shaving 5 seconds off her baseline time from her initial time just two weeks ago! Special acknowledgement to Anne, completing this workout while 8 months pregnant!! Amazing!!

The second heat continued with 3 of our male competitors, Mike C, Tyler and Dustin. The heat was all about RESULTS! These boys were off, holding competitive times in the 1:30’s to start on their 500m row. They pushed each other and stayed moving at a fast pace the whole time. Both Dustin and Tyler completed the workout as prescribed, including a beautiful finish on pull ups. Mike C completed the workout going down from the green band to the blue band, which is a huge accomplishment. Overall, this heat was definitely one to watch, with all times under 6 minutes.

The third heat was 4 of our most recent members, Chrissy, Beth, Tenley and Cammeron. These ladies had some of the most significant improvements to their times, from their initial baseline just a few weeks back. It is incredible to see such progress in just a few weeks. The numbers don’t lie! Great progress, and tremendous improvements for each one of these ladies. Our final women’s heat included our 3 of our Rx’d competitors, and this was the grand finale. These girls have been working hard on their pull ups. Petergaye was the only female to complete the workout as prescribed last time, and the only female on the leaderboard. This year, Carrie has been named the “Pull up Queen”, and Dawn recently completed pull ups in a workout just a few days before. There was a lot riding on this heat, and the results were nothing short of amazing. The workout started off strong with Anges working hard to be first off the rower, and the rest of the girls were not far behind. Carrie took a quick lead after the squats, and maintained that lead all the way into her finish of 5:22, making her the new winner and top spot on the leaderboard! Now it was a race for second place. Petergaye had 6 to go as Dawn got on the bar, connecting two pull ups at a time. It was a battle. Petergaye finished with a 30 second improvement from her previous score, with Dawn not far behind.

And finally, our final men’s heat was the most exciting 4 minutes of the day! These boys were flying through this workout. The final heat was made up of Kirk, Greg, Luke, and Santiago. The crowd was going nutts! They knew they had to be under 4:30 to have a competitive time, and a chance to get on the leaderboard. These boys were neck-and-neck throughout the entire workout, especially Santiago and Luke on the situps and pushups. Luke was first to the pull up bar, with Santiago close behind. Kirk came onto the bar third, and with 1 quick set of 10 pull ups, he finished as our winner with a score of 4:08, knocking the previous leader off the leaderboard. Sorry Craig. After it was all over, we enjoyed some great conversations, fun pictures, and seeing the little kids play on the rowers and on the equipment. Thanks to everyone who participated! We could not be more proud of our athletes. Keep training these movements, and get ready for the next “Baseline Challenge”.


Wednesday’s Workout

Skill of the Week: Rope Climb


15 minutes of work-
10 Push Jerks (96/65)
20 Squat
100m Run

Thursday’s Workout

Skill of the Week: Rope Climb

Strength: Deadlift (5×5)


15 minutes of work-
400m Run
40 Situps (wall-straight-leg)

Baseline Challenge this Saturday!

Check in begins at 8:30, and will conclude by 10:30 am. Check-in will include receiving your T-shirt, wristband, and obtaining your scorecard. You must present your score card before you enter your heat. To keep the standards high, each of you will have a judge with you during your entire baseline workout. We are asking all participating athletes to help judge at least one or more of the heats. This is a great opportunity to help your fellow athlete meet all of the standards. We will be briefing everyone on the movement standards before we begin.

Opening remarks will be at 8:50 am, and the first heat will kick off promptly at 9 am!!!
The first four heats will run on 15 minute increments, with a 12 minute time cap per heat. The later heats will run every ten minutes, with an 8 minute time cap per heat. Please RSVP via this email if you have not already! We need an accurate count to assign the heats.We will be setting up an athlete warm-up area in the back parking area. This will allow you guys to warm up and be ready to go in time for your heat.

There will be prizes for first and second place male and female Rx’d scores.

Schedule of Events

  • 8:30-8:50 AM Check in
  • 8:50-9:00 Opening Remarks & Movement Standards Review
  • 9:00-9:12 Heat 1
  • 9:15-9:27 Heat 2
  • 9:30- 9:42 Heat 3
  • 9:45-9:57 Heat 4
  • 10:00- 10:08 Heat 5
  • 10:10-10:18 Extra heats as needed
  • 10:20-10:28 Winners announced!


We would like to take a moment and thank another sponsor of our Baseline Challenge. As a former D1 athlete JD understands the value of hard work. Where at CrossFit Naples we strive to  keep you “Physically Fit”, JD Loden Wealth Management keeps you “Financially Fit”. Thanks for your support to our program.

Monday’s Workout

Skill: Row

“CF Total”
Back Squat 1RM
Press 1RM
Deadlift 1RM

-15 minute cap on each lift

Tuesday’s Workout

Skill: Squat


2 Minute Burpee
2 Minute Air Dyne
2 Minute Hand Stand Push Up
2 Minute Straight Leg Situp
2 Minute Box Jumps

Prove your fitness

How do you know that you’re getting in better shape? How can we beyond -a-shadow of a doubt test wheter CrossFit is making you fitter? Wouldn’t you like to know that your hard work is paying off? Well now’s your chance. The Baseline Challenge is a way to “prove your fitness”.

You can’t run away from this workout because we’re making everyone do it, even if you can’t make it on Saturday, December 15th from 9-10:30am. Why? Because this score is that important to us!

Wouldn’t you rather do it with a Live DJ, Prizes, and FREE T-shirt and Food?

It’s a no-brainer. Sign up today at the front desk!


We would like to thank one of our sponsors of the Baseline Challenge…Fields of Green Lawn Care. Not only is Dave’s commitment evident in his results with CrossFit (losing 10lbs and 2% BF) his commitment is also evident in the way he treats his own clients. He told me the other night that people chose him over other companies because he knows everyone by first and last name. It’s a commonalty that we both share.

Thank you Fields of Green for your continued support to CrossFit Naples! For more information visit Fields of Green’s website HERE 

Fields of Green, Inc. - Irrigation, Lawn Maintenance & Landscaping.  Licensed & Insured  2316 Pine Ridge Road, #444  Naples, FL 34109  239-253-3438

Wednesday’s Workout

Skill: Pullup

Strength: Power Snatch (heavy)

Teams of 2-
2 rounds:
8 Heavy DB Snatch (each arm) 32 total
50 Pullups
50 Wallball
-Afer last round 1000m Row (break up as needed)

Thursday’s Workout

Skill: Row

21 Shoulder-to-Overhead (115/75)
100m Farmers walk (heavy)
15 Shoulder-to-Overhead
100m farmer walk
9 Shoulder-to-Overhead
100m farmer walk

**anytime the weight is dropped for rest or in transition there is a 5 burpee penalty

Connected by a single purpose

In life we are connected by the experiences of being human. We share in the pain together, the laughter together. We are connected by the very breath that we breathe. At CrossFit Naples we are connected even more so. We have the mutual understanding that hard work can produce amazing results. Not just in the gym but in life. We extend our skill as athletes into making our lives easier, better, and more fruitful…literally.

One of the workouts that connect us is the “Baseline.” It was your very first workout ever with CrossFit Naples. Not only is there a mutual understanding to the physical demands of the workout but there is a emotional attachment as well. In the Intro we discussed your goals, your vision for the future, and the obstacles toward getting there. Those are personal questions, with answers that we don’t take for granted. We taught you early on that it would be hard work, but well worth it. You took the challenge. And today you’re a better person for doing so.

The Baseline Challenge coming up on December 15th. This is a opportunity to share that experience with the very people you see and compete with every week. It is a time to share the pain of pushing yourself to new personal records, while sharing in the laughter of great people.

Sign up at the front desk so you don’t miss out.

P.S. What is the hardest part about the baseline? Comment below.

Friday’s Workout

Skill: Situps

Strength: Back Squat 5×5
Conditioning: 21-15-9

  • Wall Ball
  • KB Swing (53/35)

(10minute cap)

Saturday’s Workout

Top Secret! Come in to find out…