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The Renaissance Diet Seminar

Cost: FREE to all members
Date: January 9th 2015
Time: 10:00-11:00am.

What Topics Will Be Covered?

  1. Nutrition Priorities – Learn the hierarchy of what’s MOST important to what’s LEAST important in terms of seeing RESULTS in changing body composition and improving sports performance.
  2. Understanding Macro-Nutrients & Nutrient Timing – How important is protein, carbs and fats, and how much or how little do we need to make progress and see results? Also, learn about nutrient timing and understand how to set up your nutritional plan around your training schedule to improve performance while staying lean or shedding body fat!
  3. How To Create Your Own Diet Plan To Achieve Your Goals As An Athlete
  4. Long-Term Dieting Strategies For Sustained Progress and Breaking Through Plateaus
  5. Extensive Q and A on Nutrition and Training with Coach Mario

How to Watch the Games in 2015

There are three ways to watch the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games.

  1. Go online to watch the livestream of the entire Games on ESPN3 or YouTube.
  2. Turn on your TV to see 16.5 hours of coverage on ESPN and ESPN2.
  3. Buy a General Admission or Tennis Stadium Ticket on



U.S. fans with cable packages that include ESPN should go straight to ESPN3 for complete coverage of the Games. Every heat of every event for every division will be streamed here.


The YouTube stream will offer complete coverage of the Games to fans outside of the United States, including masters, teenagers, teams and individuals.

Fans from within the United States will be able to see masters, teenagers and teams on YouTube, but will need to go to ESPN3 to see the individuals.

Note: The ESPN3 stream and the international YouTube stream will have identical coverage.

Find the YouTube livestream by going to or CrossFit’s YouTube channel during the week of the Games.

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Thursday, July 23rd, 2015


A) 15 Minute Dynamic Warmup and Mobility

B) 20 Minute Running Clock: Build Up to a Heavy Set

  • 1 Squat Snatch, 1 Hang Power Snatch, 2 Overhead Squats

Video Link: 

C) Cash Out: Coaches Choice

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30 Min AMRAP:

  • 1 L-Sit Chin up
  • 3 HSPU
  • 5 Box Jumps 30/24


Rest 15-20 Sec Between Rounds


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