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Enter The CF Open Even If You Can’t Win

I’m joining the CrossFit Open again. I’ll probably be in the Open until I die, tossing aside a cane to throw myself up on the pull-up bar, and overhead squatting my walker. I’m just that way. Stubborn and aggressively optimistic.

The Open is fun. It’s wild and crazy and so full of enthusiasm that it makes you wonder for our sanity. “7 minutes of burpees? Ok!” I did that one last year, after three days of a horrible stomach virus that left me sleeping on the bathroom floor. But I wasn’t going to miss the start of the Open. I dragged myself to the box, and for seven minutes, threw myself down on the ground and then got back up. Then I turned some horrendous shade of grey, and spent several minutes in the CrossFit Santa Cruz parking lot, trying not to throw up. Good times.

And that’s what’s wrong with us, right? This is the kind of story we remember. These are the things that make us happy. Sure it’s fun to see who leads the Open, like it’s fun to watch the real beasts of your gym do incredible shit, but it’s the stories of perseverance, drive, and hope in the face of bad odds that make us smile and be proud to call ourselves CrossFitters. It’s competing, even when you have no chance of winning. It’s putting yourself out there. Having heart, in the face of a world that seems to want to stomp it out of your chest.

CrossFit isn’t just a workout, or a movement. It’s a warrior cry on a windswept plain when the enemy is all around you. And that’s kind of cool.

So, I’m joining the Open again this year. A 47-year-old woman with a couple of body parts that have seen better days. I’m not fast, I’m not agile, but the squat is my best friend. So, I’m plunking down my $20 today and I’m taking my place in the ranks. Join me. We’re going to have SO much fun. (1)

Wallball Demo from Fridays Class!

Wallball Demo from Fridays Class!

Thursday February 19th, 2015

A) Skill: Rope Climb

B) “Nicole”

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:

  • 400 mRun
  • Pull-up Max Set

coming Friday…

For Time:

  • 500m Row
  • 50 KB Swings
  • 40 Box Jumps
  • 30 KB Swings (Russian)
  • 20 Burpees
  • 10 Box Jumps


CrossFit Open

Open registration will begin on Jan. 15. More than 209,000 people participated in the Open last year, and this year the worldwide competition will be even broader and more inclusive. Scaled versions of the Open workouts will make their debut, as well as a new Teenage Division for athletes 14-17 years old.

The first Open workout will be released on Thursday, Feb. 26. As in previous years, the Open will be a five-week competition with one new workout per week. The week’s workout will be released each Thursday at 5 p.m. PT, and competitors will have four days to complete the workout and log their score on the Games site. Score submissions will be due before 5 p.m. PT on the Monday following the workout’s release.

The Open

  • Feb. 26-March 30, 2015
  • 15.1: Feb. 26 -March 2
  • 15.2: March 5-9
  • 15.3: March 12-16
  • 15.4: March 19-23
  • 15.5: March 26-30

The Masters Qualifier will begin on Thursday, April 23. The world’s top 200 masters athletes in each age division in the Open will be automatically entered into the Masters Qualifier. Like last year, the qualifier will be a four-day online competition. The workouts will be released at 5 p.m. PT on Thursday, April 23, and the competitors will have until 5 p.m. PT on Monday, April 27, to submit their scores. The top 20 athletes in each age division at the end of the qualifier will be invited to compete in the Masters Competition at the CrossFitGames.

The Masters Qualifier

April 23-27, 2015

The Regional competitions will be held over three weekends in May. The 17 regions in the Open will feed into eight Regional competitions. The top athletes in each region will face top athletes from at least one other region in the new format. Read more…

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Tuesday December 30th, 2014

A) Skill Work (10mins):

  • Parallete Hand Stand Holds

B) Accumulate 3 minutes of:

  • Parallete L-sits

C) 15min AMRAP:

  • 10 Pullups
  • 20 Pushups
  • 30 Situps
  • 40 Squats
  • 500m Run

coming Wednesday…

A) 2 min intervals:

  • Wall Balls (20/14 lbs, 10/9 ft)
  • Box Jumps (24in/20in)
  • Russian Swings (70/53)
  • Goblet Squats (53/35)
  • Sit-ups
  • 400m Run

B) Repeat at 90sec intervals

**Just a reminder that we will closed New Years Eve night and New Year Eve morning. Regular classes New Years night! 


Another Successful SEALFIT!

Congratulations to our 2nd graduating SEALFIT class.

We sought to challenge these 12 individuals to their physical limits using multiple workouts over the course of two hours. Every Sunday these athletes came ready to take on every challenge we threw at them. They learned how to create self awareness during difficult times, how to build short term goals during workouts, as well as learning effective breathing patterns at near exhaustion.

The core of our philosophy came directly from the SEALFIT mantra. What is most powerful about what these athletes learned was that hard physical exercise is just an avenue to build character that lasts a lifetime as explained by SEALFIT: “Not only do we seek elite functional fitness, strength stamina, durability, endurance and mental toughness, but we believe that hard physical exercise builds character, self confidence and spiritual strength.  These qualities build strong individuals and families and allow you to thrive amidst chaos.”

We couldn’t be more happier with the results and can’t wait to do it again!


Tuesday December 9th, 2014

“Kelly” 5 RFT:

  • 400m Run
  • 30 Box Jumps
  • 30 Wallballs

(35min cap)

coming Wednesday…

A) 5 x 5 Strict L-Pullups

B) EMOM 14 mins:

  • ODD: 7-10 DB Thrusters
  • EVEN: 10-15 Push Ups (hand release)