Why do we change our workouts daily?

Why do we change our workouts daily?

By: Coach Mario

There are various models we use to define what it means to be “fit”. Our program seeks to build ones overall fitness. From strength to cardio and everything in between. One of the most common models we use is called the 10 General Physical Skill.

They include cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy.  Although we have the ability to develop all these skills, most sport only specialize at a few skills at a time. 

“You’re only as fit as capable for anything and everything.” -CrossFit

As a fitness program, we believe that your only as “fit” as proficient in these skills and that a lack of any of these skills would diminish your overall fitness level. Another way to understand this model is with something we call “General Physical Preparedness” also known as GPP. It’s being ready for anything and everything physically imaginable.

Imagine that instead of numbers coming out of the hopper they were actual physical tasks such as running, jumping, lifting, picking things up, walking up stairs, lifting bags of groceries, etc. Our belief is that the more physical tasks that your capable of achieving the fitter you are.

The reason why we vary our workouts every day, week and month is to train our overall physical capacities (GPP). By changing our workouts daily it allows us to challenge different physical task at all times. Somedays you feel like your training for a Powerlifting competition, other days you feel like your competing in high school track relays. No one workout makes you fit but with a well-round program like ours, you are guaranteed a much more balanced training regimen.  

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