Learning to Cherish the Suck Factor

Learning to Cherish the Suck Factor

By: Mario Ashley

When people think about what they want to get out training at our gym, they usually think in terms of getting in better physical shape. When I ask new members what their goals are when they first start at our gym responses, include everything from losing weight, getting tone, or becoming stronger.

It’s not that it’s wrong, to want to be leaner or get stronger. These are all lofty goals to aspire toward; it’s just that these goals are temporary when compared to training the psychological aspects of training.

I prefer varied-functional movement training at high-intensity because its the only thing that can demand my complete attention and presence. Its then during that “heart pounding out of my chest” feeling that I’m reminded to FOCUS, re-FOCUS,  and CONCENTRATE. That’s all I have room to think about in those moments.

I cherish these moments because I know I’m developing a stronger mind, attitude, and belief in myself. Although this is much harder to quantify over something like losing weight I know that the benefits far outweigh any other training that I’ve ever performed. 

This style of training helps me develop a “can do” attitude. One that isn’t afraid to push through the SUCK factor knowing that it’s making me a better person. Physically the results may not come as fast as we would like but mentally we begin getting in shape from day one.