Cherry Picking No More

Cherry Picking No More

In the CrossFit community, there is a popular phrase called “Cherry Picking”. Cherry picking refers to choosing workouts or movements that you are good at, or that you like, and showing up to workouts that only include those movements. It means having some bias to the workouts, so much so that you would alter the days you show up, depending on the workout.

CrossFit prepares us for the unknown and unknowable. A huge component of the programming is the constant variety of the movements and workouts. This program works, and we have seen proof of that time and time again. The moment you start to manipulate the program, it is no longer as effective. 

Last year, we set out on a little social experiment. For one week, we did not post the workout on the blog and encouraged everyone to “show up and see!” for themselves.

We successfully put an end to any cherry picking, and got into a conversation with our members as to reasons why they were cherry picking. It ranged from fear, intimidation, or-interestingly enough, they didn’t think the workout would be ” hard” enough. From there, we were able to explain more of the science behind the programming, and explain that “hard” doesn’t have to mean you are laid out on your back every time, or lying in a puddle of sweat. Max effort lifts are hard. Gymnastics is hard. Running 400m meter time trails are hard. And above all, trying new things is always HARD!

 At CrossFit Naples, we encourage our members to stare a challenge directly in the face, and know they have tools, capacity, and mental toughness to tackle anything. CrossFit makes you better at LIFE because you are ready for anything that comes your way.

 “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” –Frederick Douglass

cherry pickers(last years experiments lead these lovely ladies into buying cherry picking t-shirts)

…coming up next week

show up and see! and don’t forget to have fun!!


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