Your Coaches Favorite Supplements

Your Coaches Favorite Supplements

No amount of supplement will ever supplement a bad diet. At some point in your fitness journey, it would benefit you if you started to think about complimenting your current fitness and nutritional regime. We asked our coaches what supplements they currently take. Here’s what they had to say… 

Coach Kirk

Now-a-days I don’t take any supplements. But I still think a good fish oil is one of the best supplements! It’s important to balance out the Omega 6’s with the omega 3s in fish oil.

Coach Miles

My go-to supplement is Isopure’s Unflavored Whey Protein. Its super clean no sugar no fat no carbs. just a lean and clean protein supplement to help me achieve my higher protein intake that i need without breaking the bank on my carbs and fats. Also, its reasonably priced at the amount of servings that you get from it.

Coach Brett 

I like the pre workout because it helps increase focus, energy while giving me that extra intensity throughout my workouts. I take BCAA’s to stimulate muscle growth, extra hydration while aiding in recovery. Glutamine as an extra recovery aid as well. 


Coach Danielle

At the moment my favorite supplement Vitamin B100 – I take it late afternoon or around lunchtime and seems to help with my lower energy levels later into the day.  I’m also an avid protein powder user with NutriBullet “smoothies”.  It takes 5 minutes to load up on carrots, spinach, cucumber, beets, celery, avocado, etc.  This is the best way I have found to get more vegetables and protein in my daily diet without a ton of extra calories. I’m not a fan of the flavored proteins so I use an unflavored whey protein instead.


Coach Mario

My preworkout is coffee in the morning. Than for a little extra kick in the butt I drink  a KillCliff post workout for recovery. I feel like it helps with the foggy brain I get sometimes when workout out in the heat. I also cheat the system by drinking my vegetables in powder form. My favorite is called Super Greens.