Create or Complain

Create or Complain

By CF Lisbeth

You can create. Or you can complain.

You can decide to make something in this world, or you can decide to destroy something in this world. But, be forewarned, the former is enormously harder than the latter. And enormously more rewarding.

When you create — whether it’s a program, an essay, a workout, an invention —  you take a big risk, but you might get a big payoff. When you complain, you take little risk and … you get little payoff. You made little effort, right? So you don’t get shit. It’s an instance where life is supremely fair.

It takes far more effort to create, to try, to fail, to try again, to persevere. Complaining is over in a second — and so is its impact.

Complaining doesn’t last. It’s quick and cheap.

Work lasts. Complaining fades. There’s a reason.

Make your choice: create or complain.


Thursday’s Workout

4 timed rounds of:

  • 250m Row
  • 25 Situps (Anchored)
  • 25 DB Push Press

Friday’s Workout

Strength: Weighted Push Up (2rep)


  • Back Squat (185/95)
  • KB Swing (Overhead)
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