CrossFit Body Types

CrossFit Body Types

What type of body does Crossfit forge? Here’s the short answer, the sexiest.

We get a lot of questions from girls about ‘getting big’ because of weightlifting, when in reality the strength type of weightlifting that we do in Crossfit builds strength. Not size. We also get a lot of questions from guys about getting ‘ripped’. There is another beauty hidden in the programming and work capacity, which is that if we can do a large amount of work in a short period of time, we have increased our intensity. Intensity will make you lean, strong, and dense.

When you look around our gym. Our athletes are strong, lean, and sexy. Compare this to other gyms. You know what I’m talking about. Guys so big and muscular they have a problems holding their arms at their sides with their hands flat. There is something better, something more efficient, and also more fun.

Here’s a comparison of the positives and negatives of these styles of Training.

  • Olympic Style Weightlifting: Creates a hormonal and physiological change which increases muscle strength, without unnecessary size.-good
  • Bodybuilding Style Weightlifting: Creates large amounts of muscle hypertrophy which will increase muscle size, along with strength.-bad
  • Interval Training: Increases Lactic Acid Threshold, oxygen utilization, and optimizes multiple energy pathways.-good
  • Long Distance Training: Decreases muscle mass and bone density, increases oxygen utilization and oxidative metabolic pathway.-bad
  • Gymnastics- high levels of strength to body weight ration. Lean body mass. Great flexibility.-good
  • CrossFit- a mix of Olympic lifting and interval training, and gymnastic movements. -GREAT

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