Do Something Worth Noticing

Do Something Worth Noticing

“By Lisbeth”

You want to be noticed? Do something worth noticing.

Do something remarkable so that people have to stop and watch, or listen, or read. Halt them in their tracks. Shut their mouths. Make them stare. Make them talk about you.

Some of them will like you, praise you, love you: that’s the fun part. But be ready for the flipside.Some people will dislike you or despise you for your success. And a whole bunch of others in this world won’t care at all, or even notice.

And that’s okay. Nothing worthwhile was ever gained by making everyone happy.

Be strong, and learn to enjoy your strength. You earned it. Don’t let the naysayers steal it—or steal anything—from you.

Group Photo

Tuesday October 21st


  • 100 Russian KB Swings 70/53

NOTES: Every time you break on the KB Swings, complete 5 pullups as penalty (10min cap)

Cash Out: 10 Sit ups Every 30 seconds for 5 minutes

coming Wednesday…

3 sets of 3 minutes to complete: rest 1 minute between

  • 15 Wall Ball
  • 20 Box Jumps
  • Remaining Time perform Double Unders

SCORE: Total Double Unders