Ep 25 Lifelong Fitness Podcast

Ep 25 Lifelong Fitness Podcast


A new episode is live. In this episode we talk about:

  • 00:35 Thunderdome experience
  • 2:00 the disparity between divisions in competition
  • 3:30 the purpose of online qualifiers
  • 4:20 the difference between competitive athletes
  • 5:40 a happy mix between group classes and open gym
  • 6:30 the mind versus the body in a competition format
  • 7:50 there is an expectation in training that it WILL get difficult
  • 11:00 Bretts biggest takeaway from competition
  • 11:45 Can you train a competitive mindset?
  • 12:30 individual versus team are two different monsters
  • 15:30 a model for training for a competition based on a timeline
  • 16:45 over 400,000 people registered for the CrossFit Open
  • 18:00 competition shows you what you’re made of
  • 18:45 put a date on the calendar that you are working towards



Our Mission

We are a community-oriented, results-driven fitness facility committed to creating lifelong fitness.