Getting to Know Your Kitchen

Getting to Know Your Kitchen

Since Paleo is all about home cooked food, it’s only natural to learn how to become comfortable in the kitchen. Most people who dread cooking really only have a problem with it because they feel clueless or overwhelmed. If cooking skills could be acquired automatically, Matrix­-style, everybody would love to cook.

So today we wanted to give you a few quick hacks that should make it much easier for you in the kitchen. 

Using the wrong knife for the job is bound to bring frustration. Never use a steak knife to prepare food; they only come in handy when eating the food, not preparing it. Use a chef’s knife for most jobs (chopping, mincing, slicing, …) Don’t try to cut meat or vegetables with a paring knife (the short and stubby one), instead use a paring knife for precision work (peeling, deveining, removing seeds, …)

No need to break the bank either to own good knifes. Most inexpensive brands will do just fine. The shape of the knife itself is more important than the quality of its build or its stainless steel. Avoid using your knifes on hard surfaces like glass, as this damages the knifes much more rapidly.

Meat Doneness: 
Make life easier on yourself and avoid making mistakes by using a meat thermometer every time you cook a protein. Chefs know when it’s ready by instinct and by touch, but right now you’re not trying to be the next Gordon Ramsay, so avoid frustration and get a basic meat thermometer. Perfect roasts every time!

Taste, Taste, Taste: 
Taste everything (except raw meat) as you go and you’ll slowly learn to differentiate when something is too salty or when something is too bland. If you’ve added too much of something, you can often save the dish by adding more liquid to dilute the flavors.

These are just a few easy tricks, but they will get your head in the right space to understand that mastering your kitchen is not that difficult. You’ll be on your way to becoming great just by using these few tricks.

 Tuesday, May 26th, 2015:

A) 12 Minute EMOM
  • 2 Heavy Clean w/ 2 Second Pause in Bottom Position
    Score weight. RX = Bodyweight
  • Deadlift (BW) 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6
  • 30 Double Unders Between Each Set

coming Wednesday…

A) 10 Minutes Farmers Carry (70/45)
B) 10 Minutes Overhead Walks (165/115)
C) 10 Minutes to Find a 1RM Press
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