Happy 60th Birthday Rob!

Happy 60th Birthday Rob!

Rob we are truly blessed to have you training with us. It’ been over a year and you’re doing amazing things. You’re a constant reminder of how we want to be when we grow up. Words cannot express how humble, joyful, and  encouraging your truly are . Thanks for being you. 
A Birthday Workout

 Hike across green Ireland;

Bike the USA;

Backpack through New Zealand,
But don’t call it a day…

 Do yoga in lovely Paris;

Jump rope in Katmandu;
Avoid Italian pasta,
(Well, maybe taste, but don’t you chew!)

 Climb atop Mt. Everest;

Do aerobics on China’s Wall;
Lift weights on Mexican Beaches;
And honey, that’s not all…
Shake your booty with native dances
In Fiji and Bora Bora;
Move your body and exercise
Like you’ve never done before.
Okay; that’s good; you’re finished;
Now you can take a break;
You’ve finally burned enough calories
To have your birthday cake!
By Joanna Fuchs
Weighted Wide Grip Pull up 5 x 5


3 x 400m Run

-Each Set you must complete Air Dyne Sprints with the time taken for your 400m Run.

(Ex: If It takes me 1:22 to run a 400m. I will have to go on the air dyne and sprint as fast as I can for 1:22 seconds. Then start all over for 3 sets)

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