High Fructose is the devil!

High Fructose is the devil!

Why you should avoid it… HFCS and high fructose consumption have been implicated by researchers in a variety of diseases and health problems, including heart disease, diabetes and weight gain.

The actual fructose percentage of HFCS is variable and unknown (which is why Citizens for Health has petitioned the Food and Drug Administration to require that the true fructose content of HFCS formulas be disclosed on food labels). Contrary to industry propaganda, HFCS isn’t “corn sugar” or a “natural” ingredient, but a laboratory-created concoction that’s much cheaper than real sugar. Researchers at the University of California at Los Angeles in 2012 showed that a diet high in fructose slows the functioning of the brain, hampering memory and learning – and that omega-3 fatty acids may counteract the disruption.

– See more at: http://foodidentitytheft.com/ten-more-surprising-places-youll-find-hfcs/#sthash.EXR0QuUV.dpuf

Special K

Friday’s Workout:

2 minutes each. rest 2 minutes. 2 sets: 12 minutes of work

  • Row
  • Run
  • Air dyne

Cash out:
Parallete L-sits accumulate 2 minutes

Saturday’s Workout

8-9 Open Gym

9:30-10:30 Yoga