Holiday Blues

Holiday Blues

We all know how it feels to miss class and have a week where we “fall off the wagon”. Our program places a great deal of importance on creating a sustainable workout habit that will be with you for a lifetime.

A crucial part of building this habit is to identify obstacles.

November and December are traditionally loaded with excuses for why our exercise routine has to suffer, but I think we, as a community, we at CrossFit Naples, can make that the exception, and not the rule.

The first step is to identify obstacles. Holiday Parties, social get togethers, and family/friends visiting can make sticking to your routine challenging. It is important to remember that you should allow yourself the freedom to celebrate, and be realistic with your expectations. Identifying these events as potential obstacles will do wonders for your organization, and mental state.

Once you have identified the obstacles, the next step it to create a realistic and manageable solution. You want your workouts to be fun, and we do not want them to add any more stress! Being realistic with what is possible will help to alleviate the stress and feelings of obligatory workouts. If you need help identifying what is realistic (who doesn’t?), Reach out to your Coaches to develop a plan.

Finally, the best thing you can do is vocalize what you are struggling with. Confide in your significant other, your coaches, and your fellow members. The more you share your goals and obstacles, the more resources you will have available to help you power through! We look forward to seeing you dominate this holiday season!

Friday’s Workout

Skill of the Week: Hand Stand Progressions

“Half Grace”
Clean and Jerk (135/95)
15 Reps for time


“Half Karen”
75 Wall Balls (20/14)

Saturday’s Workout

Skill of the Week: Hand Stand Progressions

8:00 Make Up
9:00 Whole Life Challenge Finals (Open Gym cancelled)

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