Injuries Happen

Injuries Happen

It was May 2004 when now famous baseball player Sammy Sosa sneezed twice in the clubhouse, causing back spasms that knocked him out of the lineup and required an epidural.

Most of the time the injury has nothing to do with sport you participate it. Those are called accidents. Unfortunately they can lead to injury. Crap happens. It’s called life.

What is most important is what you do with that crap.  The biggest mistake athletes is when they acquire an injury they completely stop working out. That is the worst thing they can do. Researchers have already proven that exercise not only promotes healing it speeds it up. Just as important is the importance of staying around like minded people to keep you encouraged and smiling. Click here to find out how physical therapists’ prescription of exercise promotes tissue repair.

P.S. Natalia didn’t hurt herself in the gym. Something about trying to lift a piece of heavy furniture on her own.

Saturday November 8th, 2014

EMOM 12 minutes:

  • Odd: Max Rep Burpees
  • Even: 10 Thruster (95/65)

Score: Total Burpees

coming Monday…

Teams of Three:

A) 10 minutes- Prowler Push

B) 10 minutes- Sled Drag

C) 10 minutes- Farmers Carry


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