Lexie’s Success Story!

Lexie’s Success Story!

We all have our own story on how CrossFit has changed our lives for the better. Today we are giving a special shout out to one of our most inspirational members to date, Lexie Ward.

“Today marks my one year anniversary since starting CrossFit and my decision to stop making excuses. What a year!!!!!! Between losing weight and gaining 20 pounds of muscle, my favorite change has been transforming my mind. I no longer think I can’t do things, or it seems too tough. I woman up, and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN for myself! Thanks for cheering me on on along the way!”

 Thursday April 23rd, 2015:

A) Overhead walking lunge practice:

  • 5 mins practicing with plates
  • 5 mins with med balls
  • 5 mins with 1 arm kettlebells

B) 10 Minute EMOM:

  • 10 KB Swings with 2 sec pause at the top

(Rest 3 Minutes)

C) 10 Minute EMOM:

  • 20 Wallballs RX (15 modified)

coming Friday…

A) Deadlift heavy 3 Rep touch & go

B) Teams of 2:

  • 100 Ring Rows
  • 150 DB Push Press (40/20)
  • 100 Burpees
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