The New Year Hype Is Over. Thank Goodness!

The New Year Hype Is Over. Thank Goodness!

By: Mario Ashley

I made it clear to our members this month that what was being popularized on social media about setting new years resolutions is something we’ve been doing way before the hype even started. We did it without the bells and whistles of the New Year festivities. We didn’t need January 1, 2018, to tell us it was time to get in shape. We’ve been in the trenches for months, some of us even years. 

I’ve also made it a point to admit that we could do more to help our community improve their body composition if that was their goal.  There is no doubt in my mind our members are getting FITTER, meaning they are stronger, faster, better movers. I’m just not necessarily convinced that our general population is seeing the body composition changes they want. Being fitter is about exercise. Being leaner is about nutrition. 

I also recognize that we can’t hand-hold two-hundred members hands every single day. It’s just not scalable. Instead, I believe that knowledge is power. If we could create a system that was easy to understand, I believe it would create less confusion and better execution for our members.  That’s how The Great Pyramid of Nutrition was built.

Not only did this pyramid help build a strong foundation of nutritional concepts, but we also provided the best resources for each tier so our members could go home after the seminar and educate themselves on the subject even more.

For our coaches, this was also a significant benefit as we felt many individuals wanted to jump the gun on the topic of “real food” and “calorie counting” and go straight to the sexy topics like amino acids, pre-workout supplements, and keto diets. The protocol we gave is simple. Let’s meet you where you’re at if you’ve never tried 30 days of eating real food that should be your goal. Give it a focused 30 days, from there we would ask, “did you see improvements?” From that single question, we can alter or advance the conversation based on their results. It’s that simple!

We couldn’t be happier about this new protocol and hope more people focus on their nutrition this year. My desire for my members is that by the end of the year they can definitely, 100% say they are happy with their weight and body fat numbers.