Paleo Recipe: Chocolate!

Paleo Recipe: Chocolate!

 If you’re going to treat yourself, treat yourself well, and use the best ingredients you can find. Choose a good dark chocolate, not the cheap kind full of preservatives and sugar. If you can get a brand without soy lecithin, that’s even better. Not only is this healthier for you (more beneficial antioxidants and nutrients, and less sugar), but it also tastes better.

Once you have high-quality ingredients, make sure to also treat them properly. Burned chocolate tastes terrible, so use a double boiler (also called a bain-marie) to heat the chocolate slowly and evenly and keep it delicious. If you don’t have a bain-marie, an aluminum bowl on top of a pot full of water will work just as well.

The chocolate is the base for this recipe, but the rest is up to you: try one of the suggested fillings below, mix and match, or bring in your own ideas. An almond butter filling will give you a kind of Paleo Reeses Cup, only without the plastic, waxy taste of cheap chocolate. Coconut flakes, dried fruit, or other nuts or nut butters would also be delicious. For any kind of nut butter, it’s easier to add if you let it come to room temperature before spooning it into the cups, since it gets hard in the fridge.




Saturday, June 21, 2014

A. Front Squat 5 x 5 @50%

Week 9 of 10

B. 12min AMRAP-

  • 5 Front Squat (75%)
  • 10 Burpees


…coming Monday

A. Back Squat 1RM-testing

Week 10 of 10

B. EMOM 12minutes-

  • (Odd) 10-15 Pullups
  • (Even) 10-15 Box Jumps
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