Power Couple – Bob & Renee M.

Power Couple – Bob & Renee M.

1.     What made you guys decide to take on CrossFit together?

We have always been an active couple.  Whether it was with my martial arts or Renee’s boot camps, we were always working out.  Once we moved last year and with CrossFit Naples being so close to our new home, I was excited to try it based on my own research and the brief exposure I had to it from my old gym.  Renee really struggled to find a local gym that she enjoyed and could see results from, so after seeing how much fun I was having she decided to give it a try as well.

2.     What do you find yourself doing to motivate each other?

The biggest challenge we face is the early morning workouts.  I don’t know many people that enjoy waking up in the small hours of the dawn and going straight into a really challenging workout. I’m probably an exception to that rule (I’m definitely a morning person), but between the two of us we make sure that we get our time in and are really thankful for the support that the other person offers.  Most times the only additional motivation we need to offer one another is a quick reminder of how good it feels after a workout in order to get over the “should I or shouldn’t I?” internal battle we all face.  Working out together and having a partner to answer to also offers up a bit of accountability and that doesn’t hurt at all either.

3.     Who’s the real paleo chef in the house?

I’d have to say that I take on most of the household cooking.  Renee doesn’t particularly enjoy eating meat (though she’ll steal a bite or two now and again) and she’s basically a vegetarian, so we often end up eating variations of the same Paleo-based meal.  She’ll take in more vegetable protein or fish and I go more for lean meats.  It can be very challenging adhering to any sort of diet, but Paleo seems to agree with my body and lifestyle and Renee is making it work, too.

4.     How do you both make it work with your busy schedules to get your workouts in each week?

The real question isn’t how you make it work but rather if you really want it to or not.  If the answer is yes, you find time and a way to make it work out, one way or another.  For us, the solution is early morning workouts.  We sacrifice an hour of extra sleep a few days a week in order to get our workouts in, meaning we didn’t really have to give anything up (other than the sleep, of course) from the rest of our lives.  Even if that wasn’t an option, however, we’d make sure we found the time to get our workouts in.  A healthy lifestyle is too valuable a thing to discard, and the benefits are too awesome!

Tuesday, July 21st, 2015


A) Bench 5 Rep

B) Banded Tricep Pulldown

C) 10 Minutes for Quality:

  • 5 Strict Pullups
  • 5 Strict Pushups

coming Wednesday…


A) 800m Run (4 Min Max)

Rest 2 Minutes

 B) 6,9.12.15

  • Front Squats and Burpees

Rest 2 Minutes

C) 800m Run (4min max)

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