Quick Tips on Diet and Body Fat

Quick Tips on Diet and Body Fat

At CFN we measure improvement in fitness by to markers: Health and Performance

  • Improvement in Health include biomarkers such as resting heart rate, blood pressure, and body fat
  • We measure improvement in Performance using your Baseline, strength numbers, and other common CF benchmarks

If you think your fitness is improving that should because your Health and Perfromance number are improving. No question about it.

If you are consistently training at CFN more than 3 days a week and doing something else on your own like running, biking, swimming, and your still not seeing the amazing results you want I bet it’s your diet.

Everyone and their mother has a different opinion about nutrition and dieting. We keep it simple. Here are some tips to help get you started and evaluate what you’re already doing right or wrong. Remember this is a generalized starting point and assuming you know what the Paleo Diet is (read more here if you don’t):

  1. You can consume carbs in a healthy dose. Its all about slowly dropping your total amount of carb intake once you know how much you need
  2. Start dropping carbs from your first and last meal of the day
  3. Have a consistent portion of carbs, proteins, and fats at each of your meals
  4. Post workout meal should contain a bit more carbs than your typical meal to replenish glycogen output from high intensity workouts
  5. Use sweet potatoes and fruit for most of your carb sources (green vegetable carbs don’t count, they’re fibrous and won’t give you sustained energy like a sweet potato will)
  6. Off the top of my head, for you being an active female I’d say try to eat 30-35g of Protein, 8-10g of Fat, 25-30g of Carbs in the form of 4-6 meals a day (with post workout meal having the carbs jump to 40-45g)
  7. On your non-training days you can lower your carb intake or negate them all together. No need to ingest excess carbs if you don’t plan on using them
  8. The fats are low because people (especially Crossfit Women) eat way too much over the course of their day when moving towards Paleo of healthy nuts and fats. Fat does provide energy but does provide way too many calories, use carbs and protein for your main source of energy
  9. After a week or 2 drop the carbs by 5-10g each meal, except post workout.
  10. If you add in 2-4 30min endurance sessions a week that will also help you tighten up, along with help increase your aerobic capacity


 Saturday (July 19, 2014)

A. Parallete- Play

B. Prowler Sprints

C. Farmers Carry

D. Chin Holds


…coming Monday

A. Skill: Toes to Bar

Week 4 of 6

B. EMOM 20:

Odd- 2 Press, 3 Push Press, 4 Push up

Even- 10 Back Squats (same load)


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