If your calves aren’t conditioned to specific amounts of movements and volume they might be a little sore and tight. I’ll share with you my favorite “at home” mobilizations for your calves.

1) Foam Roll your calves for 10 minutes+

  • Can be done watching tv or movies at home
  • Focus on one leg at a time and occasionally roll both
  • Find a really tender spot, and hang out there for a minute or so
  • Add more tension by overlapping one leg over the other
Foam rolling helps loosen tight structures and gets them working with less resistance. It can also increase blood flow (hence aiding recovery) to targeted areas. If done correctly, you can really minimize the soreness and tightness in your lower legs. One of the best things you can do right after a workout with jumping and running!

2) Wall Calf Stretch  4-5 minutes

  • Stand about 2-3 feet away from the wall on one foot. Lean forward and make contact with the wall. Keep your knee locked out and squeeze your butt forward for best results
  • Spend 2 minutes on each calf
This stretch will really benefit you if you have super tight ankles. If you struggle to hold good positions in most squats, this is something to do daily.