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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

There are so many people I want to thank for making this event possbile I don’t even know where to begin. Here’s a start…

Thanks to my mom and dad for always be there for us on the drop of I dime. I can’t tell you how many times I have called my parents for help and moments later they are at the gym on their hands and knees getting dirty and sweaty with me. My success’ will always be their success’.

Thanks to Dawn, Chris, and Alex for coming early to help set everything up. You guys helped make everything run smoothly. Everything ran great and only gave us more confidence to do another event!

Thanks to our Judges for making this feel like a legitmate CF competition. Judging is much harder than it looks. And you guys made it look easy!

Thanks to our Athletes for participating and making this such and enjoyable event. You guys inspire us everyday to make CrossFit Naples an exciting place to train.  Everyone demolished their old baseline scores! Just ridiculous improvements! Don’t worry we will be sending those scores out today!

Last but definitely not least I want to thank Tara for putting up with me. It’s not an an easy task but she is always there encouraging me to be my best. She is the most loving and patient person I have ever met. Did I also forget to mention how beautiful she is?? Happy 3 year anniversary pookies!

Big Shout out to our Sponsors:


Tuesday’s Workout:

3, 4,& 5 Minutes of Work-
3 DB Push Press
6 DB Push up
9 DB Romanian DL

-1min/2min/3min Rest
-Weight is limited by Push Press
-Score: Totals Reps and Weight Used in the last round (it’s not how you start that matter’s its how you finish)

Coming up Wednesday:

A1. 30 second DB Bench Press x 4 sets; rest 20seconds
A2. Chinese Rows 4 x 6-8; rest 2-3 minutes
B. 15 minutes of Work on the AirDyne (30 seconds at a time)

-No score today! Just work hard (It’s nice not to be looking at numbers all the time)

What’s Your Baseline?

Lighter By CrossFit Lisbeth 

If you don’t believe in magic, you can never see magic.
If you don’t realize you’re lost, you might never be found.
If you think you already know everything, you can never learn anything.
If you think you’re already there, you have no idea how far you could really go.
If you think you are already the best, you can never get better.
Abandon the ties on your own mind. Adopt a beginner’s stance. Drop all the baggage you’ve been dragging along. Free yourself.
Now, put your hands on the pull-up bar … and open your ears. You’re lighter than you’ve ever been. Set a new PR here — and in every part of your life. Listen, and learn. Then do. And, always, help the others.
Start again, today.


Get Fired Up!! Our Baseline Challenge is right around the corner!

Have you been doing your “homework”?! The PR bell is going to be ringing out of control this weekend!!!

We are really excited for you guys! Their will be so much going on. DJ, Food, Prizes!!

Bring your friends and family to watch you tear it up! Oh…

Did you see the shirts you’ll be getting for particpating…their sweet!!

Tuesday’s Workout

90 Second Run/Sprint
90 Second Air Dyne
90 Second Row (Calorie)
90 Second Double Under

-2 Sets on Each Station, then rotate

-Rest 1 Minute

…coming up Wednesday

“Walking Randy”

75 Hang Power Snatches, Boys 75#/Girls 55#
Every time you set the bar down handstand 10 m.

Junior Varsity:
75 Hang Power Snatches, 45-55#
Every time you set the bar down handstand walk 10 m

75 Hang Power Snatches, 25-35#
Every time you set the bar down handstand walk 10 m

50 Hang Power Snatches, 10-15#
Every time you set the bar down Bear Crawl 10 m

35 Hang Power Snatches, pvc-5#
Every time you set the bar down Bear Crawl 10 m
Cash out

Technique Trumps Intensity

If there was one thing we took out of the gymnastics course this weekend it was that technique always trumps intensity.

Watching Sean (the instructor) demo most of the movements this weekend was amazing to watch. There was a finesse and beauty in how he moved. He made everything look so easy. He continued to remind us how important spotting and correcting simple basic movements is to ALL athletes (even Olympics Gymnasts on t.v. get spotted). “If you learn something wrong, it’s hard to break,” he continued to say. Sometimes taking a step back is important because it’ll helps us eventually take two steps forward in the right direction.

In the next coming weeks we are going to slowly introduce the amazing skills and progressions that we learned. We are so excited to share the wealth of knowledge that we took from the certification.

Coach rocking out the V-sit at the CF gymnastics course

Tuesday’s Workout:

1 Deadlift Every Minute for 15 Minutes

-Add weight each set
-Score Highest Poundage


Cash Out: Ring of Fire

…coming up Wednesday:

2 Minute Burpee Box Jump (Rest 2 minutes)
2 Minute Hand Stand Holds (Rest 1:30)
2 Minute Air Dyne (Rest 1 minute)
2 Minute Dips


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