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It only takes one

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Sometimes, all it takes is one person. Sometimes, you can do it all alone. But sometimes you just need one other person to believe, one other person to give a damn, one other person to say “Keep going” or “I know how you feel.”

One person to tell you “Get back on the bar” or “One more box jump and then you can rest” or simply “3-2-1-Go.”

One person. 

How simple is that and yet how incredibly difficult? Most of us are independent by nature. We want to believe we can do it all alone, without the help of anyone else. We want to do it all by ourselves. For us, the weakness is not in our efforts, but in our wanting, in our need for anyone or anything else in this life.

Yet just one person can make all the difference in our workout, in our day, in our week, in our lives.

One person to cheer. One person to coach. One person to basically give a damn about us.

Get in the gym today. Listen to that one person. And be that one person for someone else.

-Laura with intense focus

Today’s Workout (March 29, 2012)

Strength: Weighted Push Up



Five rounds for max reps of:
Body weight bench press
-Post reps for both exercises in all rounds.

Thursday December 1, 2011

Strength:Bench Max Rep at BW; 3 sets (not including warmup)
AMRAP 7minutes
12 DB Push Jerk
21 Feet DB Lunges
Repeat once more
Even lions use weightlifting for survival of the fittest. 

Wednesday November 23rd

A couple reminders: We will be closed Friday and Saturday due to the holidays. With that said we are ramping up Thursdays class to be monstrous. Power Yoga at 8:30 followed by the “Filthy Fifty” at 9am. This is one of the toughest workouts Crossfit offers. Bring a friend day as well. Great opportunity to show family and friends what you do everday!

Bench: 5x 8RM

Work on:Hand Stands


Ring Push up or Ring Dip
Med Ball Clean
Run 100m

Turkey is bringing sexy back! Just like us!



A1.Bench: 5×3 (increase from 2 weeks ago)
A2.One Arm DB Row (5 x 8)-work on technique and tempo

“Big Cindy ”
15 Pull Ups
30 Push Ups
45 Air Squats

The goal with the arm dumbell row is to focus on those muscles that get left out. It is common that the “mirror muscles” are the muscle groups that we focus on most. But overtime if we continue that trend we find a disproportionate ratio of upper body pushing muscle development to upper body pulling development. This is not something that we want to happen. To fix this is easy…work those back muscles when you work the chesticles. Done.


This Saturday after class we are getting together to hang out and celebrate our 1 year anniversary! After the workout we will have fresh coffee, snacks. Share this experience by bringing a friend! It’s going to be fun.

Strength: Undulating Bench

As Many Rounds As Possible in 6minutes:
2 HSPU (deficit)
4 Pull ups (palms facing in)
6  Double Unders
Rest 3minutes: Repeat

You should be able to hold this handstand position against the wall for at least 15 seconds before you start working toward the pushup.

When you can hold the static handstand position for an adequate time, throw an abmat on the ground between your hands. You’ll now want to SLOWLY lower yourself to the ground. Please don’t dive head first through your floor! When you get to the ground put your feet down, then kick back up into a handstand and repeat.

Next, come either band hand stands or kipping handstands. Overtime as your strength and technique improve you’ll find you doing more and more handstands on your own. Then come the deficits hand stands!

That’s why I love Crossfit. Once you get better at something. We challenge you with something more difficult. Doesn’t that sound similar to life?