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Create Joy

By CrossFit Lisbeth

There is so much sadness in our world lately. Shootings, anger, hate. We all have so many questions for which there are no answers.

The more I ponder, the more I realize there is a simple way each of us can make this world better:Create joy.

Crazy, right? Serious times demand serious answers. If you really think about it, though, joy is a serious answer. You can fight darkness with darkness, but do not expect light to arise from it. Instead, create light.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are, to make things better.

For one person. Then two, then three, then ten, then a hundred, then one thousand — and so on, until you can go no further.

Create joy, one person at a time. Start with yourself.


That sounds selfish, doesn’t it? Start with yourself? Isn’t this life about service to others? It is, but in order to serve others, you must first take care of yourself.

Sleep right, eat right, get to the gym. Get on the pull-up bar. Get on the barbell. Make the ground move fast beneath your feet. Get your body right, get your heart right, get your head right. Create joy within yourself. And then spread that joy.

When people notice your life is better — that you’re happier and more fun and full of more energy — tell them why. Tell them it all started with the pull-up bar, and the barbell, and the clock. Tell them about this crazy thing called CrossFit. Let them try it too.

Create joy. And watch the light spread, here, there, everywhere. It’s totally sappy and stupid … and true. Get out there and make joy happen.

“The MAGIC is in the movement, the ART is in the programming, the SCIENCE is in the explanation, and the FUN is in the community.”-Founder, Greg Glassman

Thursday’s Workout

Teams of Two-

5 min Wallball
Rest 1 minute
5 min Chin up
Rest 1 minute
5 min Diamond Pushup

-Score Total Reps on each station

…coming up Friday

5 rounds-
5 Burpees
10 BB Overhead Squat
15 Med Ball Cleans

Technique Trumps Intensity

If there was one thing we took out of the gymnastics course this weekend it was that technique always trumps intensity.

Watching Sean (the instructor) demo most of the movements this weekend was amazing to watch. There was a finesse and beauty in how he moved. He made everything look so easy. He continued to remind us how important spotting and correcting simple basic movements is to ALL athletes (even Olympics Gymnasts on t.v. get spotted). “If you learn something wrong, it’s hard to break,” he continued to say. Sometimes taking a step back is important because it’ll helps us eventually take two steps forward in the right direction.

In the next coming weeks we are going to slowly introduce the amazing skills and progressions that we learned. We are so excited to share the wealth of knowledge that we took from the certification.

Coach rocking out the V-sit at the CF gymnastics course

Tuesday’s Workout:

1 Deadlift Every Minute for 15 Minutes

-Add weight each set
-Score Highest Poundage


Cash Out: Ring of Fire

…coming up Wednesday:

2 Minute Burpee Box Jump (Rest 2 minutes)
2 Minute Hand Stand Holds (Rest 1:30)
2 Minute Air Dyne (Rest 1 minute)
2 Minute Dips


Benchmark: Elizabeth

Being “the sport of fitness” without a way to quantify our workouts we would be running circles around our fitness goals and aspiration. These are the numbers from past Female and Male Competitors according to the time, gender, age, and bodyweight for this workout. See where you compare!

Top women:
Position Total Time Gender Approx. Age Bodyweight
[1] Michele Vieux  8 mins 54 secs F 30 140
[2] Kristan Clever 9 mins 2 secs F 26 128
[3] Corey Salois 12 mins 25 secs F 28 125
[4] Cherie Chan 13 mins 6 secs F 34 133
[5] Wendy pace  15 mins 6 secs F 39 160

Top men:
Position Total Time Gender Approx. Age Bodyweight
[1] Matt Chan 3 mins 34 secs M 30 196
[2] Miguel flores  5 mins 12 secs M 22 175
[3] Erwin Caalaman  5 mins 42 secs M 25 205
[4] Paul beckwith 6 mins 10 secs M 33 265
[5] Aushion Chatman 6 mins 15 secs M 29 195

-Machelle displaying perfect handstand technique

Today’s Workout (Thursday, February 2, 2012)

Strength: Deadlift 5 x 5

Clean (135/95)

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