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Paleo Diet Day #5

The Paleo Diet is not a low carb diet. It is a low-er carb diet (22-40% carbohydrates) than the typical U.S. diet (49-60%) but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be eating our fair share of vegetables and low glycemic fruits.

Modern low carb diets (4-20%) are really high fat diets that contain moderate levels of protein at best. Even worse, almost all of these low-carbohydrate diets permit unlimited consumption of fatty, salty meats (such as bacon, sausage, fatty ribs, and lamb chops) and dairy products (cheeses, cream, and butter) while restricting the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Cancer-fighting fruits and vegetables. (The Paleo Diet, pg. 11)

Lesson of the day: Eat more veggies!

-Welcome newest member Paul to the CrossFit Naples community.

Today’s Workout (Tuesday, June 5, 2012)

Strength: Front Squat & Back Squat- Work up to Body-weight

Conditioning: For Time

Front Squat (BW)
KB Swing (Russian)
100m Run

Keep Calm and Eat Paleo

CrossFit alone will not suffice! I say that again, CrossFit alone, or any exercise program for that matter, will not suffice by itself. You would be crazy to do CrossFit day in-and-day out expecting not to see results. That’s the reason you push yourselves so hard everyday. You expect to see the fruit of you labor!

With that said you are doing yourself an injustice if you aren’t atleast thinking about the quality of your food intake. I find that if you deal with the quality of your food, you never have to deal with the quantity. Now that’s a reason to start eating healthier.

Don’t sabotage your results. You have one hour in the gym to get things right, and 23 hours in the day to screw them up. Make the right choices!


Today’s Workout (Thursday, May 31, 2012)

Skill: Clean Progression & Front Squats


3 rounds for time-
20 Front Squats (135/95)
20 Situps to Squats
200m Sprints (run)

-Score: Total Time to complete


Hard-boiled eggs are nature’s perfect muscle-building snack. Here’s how to make ones that don’t suck.

You better believe there’s a right way and a wrong way to hardboil an egg. I’m reminded of the wrong way every time I eat one that I didn’t make.

Rubbery outside. Bluish-gray inside. Absolutely disgusting.

Which is a shame because as far as I’m concerned, eggs are nature’s perfect food.

Loaded with protein, high-quality fat, and nutrients , hardboiled eggs are the perfect muscle-building snack when you’re feeling lazy. Have two or three with some baby carrots, salami, berries, and raw nuts and you’ve got yourself a decent meal.

But why do most hardboiled eggs suck? Two reasons.

1. First, most guys use sub-par eggs from sad little chickens. (I’m guessing about the sad part.) That’s why you should leave the fluorescent white 99-cents-per-dozen eggs alone.

A dozen high-quality eggs should cost between four and six bucks, which, if you shop with my girlfriend, will result in an eye-roll that means, “I can’t believe you’re actually gonna spend 6 dollars on eggs.” (Believe it, babe.)

Personally, I look for free-range, pasture-raised eggs. Bonus points if there’s a smiling chicken on the front of the package.

2. Second, most guys boil their eggs for way too long, leading to rubbery outsides and gray insides.

You want your eggs to be soft yet firm with a nice yellowish-orange yolk.


Welcome Greg to the CrossFit Naples community!

Today’s Workout (Tuesday, May 23, 2012)

Skill: Clean Progressions


5 rounds-

9-Power Cleans (135/95)

6- Push Press

3- Front Squats


  1. Not having goals, both short term and long term. A fitness regimen with no goals is like driving to a destination you have never been to before without a map or directions. Goals keep you on track. You seek out guidelines and information on how to achieve them. Make those goals!!!
  2. Avoiding your weaknesses.  Weaknesses stem from a series of issues. Do you not enjoy the Olympic lifts? It is probably tied into deficiencies in the strength and flexibility department. Can’t get through 400m runs? You need to eat better and build up your cardio/respiratory endurance. Attack your weaknesses and your strengths will improve.
  3. Poor nutrition. Food completely controls how your body functions throughout the day. It is the gasoline for your engine. An engine needs gas to run, and it runs better with good gas than it does with crappy gas. Start simple. Make changes in the quality of what you eat then fine tune it from there.
  4. Alcohol consumption. Alcohol is good for only one thing: getting buzzed. Unfortunately, getting buzzed causes a bunch of bad things to happen, mostly lack of control. You don’t sleep well (despite possibly even passing out). It dehydrates you. You tend to succumb to eating crap. You are damaging brain cells and your liver. But did I mention that alcohol is really good for getting buzzed??
  5. Lack of sleep. You can never get “too much” sleep. Our bodies are actually wired to go to sleep when it gets dark and wake up at the crack of dawn. Electricity has jacked up our internal clocks, so no matter who you are and how much you sleep, it is never enough. Sleep is a huge component in the body recovery system. Get more of it!!!
  6. Not taking proper rest/recovery time. Rest is different from sleep. You need to let the body rest from your training regimen. Take a rest day every few days. I would even recommend that every few months you take at least a week off from high intensity training. Your body needs time to heal, along with your brain. You will come back rip roaring ready to go both physically and mentally. Recovery simply means listening to your body. Pain is different from the discomfort of training. Pain needs to be respected. Pain takes time to heal. Turn your ego off and let your body heal up proper.
  7. Poor hydration. Water is often an overlooked ingredient in a good training regimen. Water makes up about 60% of the human body. Lean muscle tissue is about 99% water. Bone is made up of about 22% water and even your skin contains water. There is not one system in the entire body that does not depend on water. You will be hard pressed to drink to much water in a day. Drink up!!!
  8. Lack of consistency. It’s not easy to stick with a workout program. You can get very positive results working out only two to three days a week if you really work hard and follow a solid nutrition plan. Start small…commit yourself to two days a week and build up to three. Once you start training three or more days a week, you will make leaps and bounds in reaching your athletic potential.
  9. Lack of a proper warm-up/cool down.  Show up  15 minutes early. Warm up those muscles, joints and connective tissues by doing active stretching in full range of motion. Take the time to do some good static stretching when you are done working out. Flexibility will increase. Injuries will decrease. Your workout performance will improve dramatically.
  10. Not listening to your coach. An experienced coach knows what he is talking about. For the most part, I know I can judge a person’s athletic ability watching them perform a few simple tasks just within a warm-up.  The road to better athletic performance is a path easier traveled when you listen to an experienced coach. Trust me.

-Nick Welcome to the ripped hands secret society

Today’s W0rkout (Tuesday, May 22, 2012)

Skill: Clean Progressions


5 Sets-

9 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)

6 Push Press

3 Front Squats

Rest 2 minutes

-Add weight every set

-Score: Highest Weight

I love sweet potatoes

The famous Nurses’ Health Study at Harvard Medical School found that women who ate lots of foods rich in beta-carotene, such as sweet potatoes, reduced their risk of breast cancer by as much as 25 percent. Eating sweet potatoes is a smart move for you if you have high blood pressure. That’s because they’re rich in potassium, a mineral known for bringing pressure down. You’ll get more potassium from a sweet potato than you will from a banana!

When recommending a better choice of starchy carbohydrates- we always prescribe sweet potatoes over common choices such as white potatoes, pasta, or bread. Here are some cool links further explaining their benefits:

9 Benefits of Sweet Potatoe

WH Food- Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes vs White Potatoes

Today’s Workout (Thursday, May 10, 2012)

Strength: Front Squat 1RM


1 minute One Arm DB snatch (70/45)
1 minute One Arm DB snatch (other side)
1 minute Situp
rest 1 minute; 3 sets

If music be the food of love, play on

“Without music, life would be a mistake.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Aren’t you glad we have music in our gym. I know sometimes the stations we play are not on point. We always joke that we turn the music up on high to hide the heavy breathing and gasping coming from your hard efforts. Below is a great video of the unconscious  connection between man and music.

Watch on as this old and close to mute man is converted into an animated and jovial person who is motivated by hearing music from his era through an iPod.

Watch HERE

p.s. If you have a playlist that you want to hear in the gym. Please bring it!

Today’s Workout (Monday, April 16, 2012)


8 minutes of work (80% capacity)
800m Run
Remaining Time: Max Box jumps (24/20″)

Rest 4 minutes

10 minutes of work (90% capacity)
1000m Row
Remaining Time: Max DB Front Squats

-Score total reps on box jumps and front squats