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Massage Therapy Underway

Last year when I knew that I was making the career change from teaching I began looking at various options that I felt would add more value to CrossFit Naples. Initially I had decided to go back to school to get my Masters. But after doing my research I didn’t believe that another degree would add any practical value to CFN. I had also been looking at other healthcare fields including Massage Therapy.

I eventually chose MT becuase it offered me the quickest and most effective route to help my athletes. I knew it would only increase my knowledge in anatomy, physiology, injury and pain management.

In the next couple months I will be building my massage therapy practice right here at CFN. This is a great opportunity to use massage as not only a means for pain management but also for improvement in performance. Lets face it. When you feel good your performance is always better.

Last but not least. I wanted to take the time to thank everyone who has supported me along the way. Running a business full time and going to school full time has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I couldn’t have done it without your support and dedication to CFN. It makes it all worth while.

….and yes I’m a Marion. That’s my grown up name 🙂



Wednesday’s Workout

Strength: Power Snatch  1 REP


2 minutes of work  –

  • 1 hang power snatch (95/55)
  • 1 Burpee
  • 2 hang poower snatch
  • 2 Burpees
  • 3
  • 3
  • 4
  • 4…

Rest 2 minutes repeat 4 x

Thursday’s Workout

Strength: DB RDL  5×5 each


For Time-

500m Row
50 Pistols
400m Run
50 Situps or 50 Toes to Bar or Toes to Rings



Athlete Spotlight: Anne D.G.

Ladies of CFN

Words cannot describe Anne’s performance during the Baseline Challenge. I recall a guest visiting that day watching Anne perform the workout and saying “that is amazing”. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Watching from the side I couldn’t help but smile as she pushed herself. We modified as needed and treated her like any other athlete that day. She didn’t want sympathy or coddling. She just wanted to perform. It’s that same determination and no-excuse attitude that has catapulted her into the success she and her family have been blessed with and continue to strive for. You inspire us one-rep at-a-time!


 Athlete Spotlight: Anne D.G.

How were you introduced to Crossfit? My very good friend Mario!

Favorite WOD/Lift: Any type of Jerk. That sounds funny.

I have always wanted to: Do kipping pull-ups like the athletes at the Crossfit games!

One word people use to describe me: hmm…earthy? Probably just a nice way of saying I should brush my hair.

Outside of the gym I like to: Wait, there’s life outside of Crossfit?! We like to standup paddle with the kids!

Something nobody knows about me or would be surprised to know about me: I sucked my thumb in my sleep until I was 10. And I never had braces. So there 😉

Favorite physical activity outside of Crossfit: Surfing the river mouth in Tamarindo Costa Rica w my family!

Favorite place to eat in Naples: Bleu Provence

Song that gets me pumped for a workout: Day-n-Nite remix by Kid Cudi.

Proudest Accomplishment: Only losing a minute off my Baseline time at 35 weeks preggo, from 16 weeks preggo.

Ladies of CFN

Ladies of CFN

Thursday’s Workout

Skill: Hand Stand Shoulder Warmup

2 minutes of work-4 sets

1 Snatch Grip Deadlift
1. Hang Power Snatch (95/55)
1. Burpee

-2 mins rest between

Friday’s Workout

For Time:
350m row
35 Ring Pushups

Rest 3-5 minutes

For Time:
350m Row
35 Hand Stand Push Ups
Cash Out:
Straight-leg Situps x50

CrossFit Dictionary

There is a lot of silly jargon in CrossFit, but you will get use to it. Knowing the language of CrossFit should help preclude some confusion and allow you to focus on your performance.

Athlete – You. As long as you are working to improve your athletic ability, we consider you an athlete and we treat you with the respect that role deserves, regardless of your current ability.

Beast – An athlete with exceptionally good work capacity or work ethic.

Box – CrossFit gyms are typically referred to as a ‘box’ because they are traditionally located in industrial warehouses.

DNF – Did Not Finish. For WODs with a fixed amount of work and a time cap, it is possible to not finish the prescribed amount of work in the given time. In such cases, the score will be appended with “DNF”.

Firebreather – An elite-level CrossFit athlete.

Girls – Several classic CrossFit benchmark workouts that are given female names. The names of these workouts are arbitrary and not named after actual girls.

“Gymnastics” – Historically, the term “gymnastics” is used relatively loosely in CrossFit to describe exercises that involve controlling body movement, typically with no weight other than body weight; e.g. sit-ups, push-ups, air squats, ring-rows, box jumps, etc. in addition to some more advanced movements are all historically referred to as “gymnastics” in CrossFit. At CrossFit, we typically do not use the term “gymnastics” in this way because it is not clear to the general public and because it does not give adequate respect to the far more advanced sport of gymnastics recognized around the world.

Heroes – Several CrossFit benchmark workouts that are named after actual military, law enforcement and firefighters that have died in the line of duty. These workouts are typically very difficult as a way of honoring these heroes. Unfortunately, the list of Hero WODs continues to grow.

Metcon – Abbreviation of ‘metabolic conditioning.’ Metcon is training with the intent to enhance performance in the three metabolic pathways that provide energy for all human action. These metabolic pathways are known as the phosphagen pathway (dominant in the highest-power activities that last 10 seconds or less), the glycolytic pathway (dominant in moderate-power activities that last up to several minutes) and the oxidative pathway (dominant in low-power activities that last in excess of several minutes). CrossFit strives to enhance performance in all three metabolic pathways through “metcon” training. The term “metcon” is often misunderstood and incorrectly used by CrossFitters as a synonym for longer-duration cardio vascular training.

Paleo – (1) Paleolithic nutrition. Term coined by Dr. Loren Cordain in his book “The Paleo Diet” and popularized by Robb Wolf in his book “The Paleo Solution”. A theory of nutrition that humans are best suited to eat only foods that have been available in nature and eaten by hominids (including humans) for millions of years. This excludes modern, Neolithic, man-made inventions and processed items that would not otherwise be edible by humans or available to humans in nature. Paleo nutrition excludes refined sweeteners, grain and grain based foods, alcohol, legumes (beans, peas and peanuts), dairy and other processed or artificial ingredients.

PR – Personal Record.

Pukie – The name of a fictional clown in a cartoon drawing depicted as vomiting as a result of intense exercise. This cartoon drawing was developed by someone in the very early days of CrossFit and made its way around the internet as a badge of honor; i.e. ‘our method is so intense that it will make you puke!’ CrossFit Naples does NOT encourage the Pukie experiences but we do applaud it if it happens.

Rx – Prescribed. Every WOD and movement has standards. Performing a WOD or movement according to the standards is referred to as doing it “Rx”; i.e. as prescribed. If you modify or “scale” a WOD or movement, it is not Rx. Performing a movement with a partial range of motion or with assistance is also not Rx. We strive to do both movements and WODs Rx.

“The Games” – Abbreviation for The CrossFit Games. The CrossFit Games is an annual competition to find the fittest man and woman on Earth.

WOD – Workout of the Day.

Saturday’s Workout

8:00am Makeup

9:00am Whole Life Challenge Prelims

Monday’s Workout

A. Close Grip Bench (20rep)

B. “Isabel”-30 Snatches for time (135/95)

Skill of the Week: Hollow Rock

On Not Losing Hope

Written By: CrossFit Lisbeth

Never lose hope of being better than you are. Never. This is harder than it sounds.

The world is full of broken dreamers.People who have tried and failed, for whatever reason: money, will, circumstance, faith. The cause of their loss is not germane to their story, although they may spend inordinate amounts of time trying to explain it. Affixing blame becomes a priority for some folks, after the loss. Listen and move on. Don’t linger. This is important. Your dream is not theirs — although both might look, sound, and smell very much alike. But your dream is yours — and you are you.

Broken dreams happen to everyone. There is not a soul among us who has received everything they ever wanted in this life. Not one. There are, instead, people who choose to take the lessons of the broken dream and move on. Use that pain to make the next dream a reality. They sit on those stories no longer than the cat on the hot stove. Lesson learned. Time to do something else.

If you would better yourself, then do the same. Learn to quickly identify the broken dreamers in your life and limit their contact with you. Enough  to learn, not enough to permanently scar.

You have bigger dreams. You have the heart to achieve them. You will be better than you are. Go make it happen.

Saturday’s Workout


*No Open Gym due to Rowing Clinic*

…coming up Monday

Strength: Power Snatch 5×5

As many rounds as possible in 20mins of:
7 Power Snatches 95/65 lbs
14 Pull-ups
21 Single-Double Unders
Post total rounds.


Is this you?

Is this you?

1. You  make it to class early, you actually take the time to effectively foam roll especially if it hurts, and you might even make it through the bathroom line before the run.

2. You rock the warm up,  and you don’t have to ask a coach (or fellow athlete) to repeat the directions even one time.  Today, you know for sure exactly how many squats to do on the starting line, and how many burpees on the 15 yard line.

3. Time for the strength portion, so you pull out your up-to-date, well-ordered, and complete workout journal.  You KNOW what you did for last week’s press, and you are ready to increase the weight.  None of that slapping some weight on the bar and just hoping that some how it all works out, hoping that today it will just feel right.

4.  It’s finally time for the WOD, you listen to the workout briefing, and then you are excited to do whatever is on the board!  No grumbling or frowning for you, even if you did power cleans yesterday too.  You know you’ll be fine.

5.  When the coach says you have 5 minutes to get ready for the WOD, you take that seriously, grab all of your equipment, and set up, politely making sure you aren’t moving in on someone else’s pull up bar or wall space.  No one has to wait for you while you run to the bathroom.

6.  Intense focus and determination.  That’s you during the wod.  No dialing it in and no sand-bagging it.You give it all you’ve got and your movements are precise and mindful. 

7.  Clean up time!  You put away all your equipment, wiping down anything that needs it.  You take a quick moment to log your work in your journal.

8.  And of course you stretch.  Would there be any doubt?  You take the time to foam roll, maybe stretch out those quads, and what ever else needs to be taken care of today.

The truth is that we all know deep down that we get more out of things when we put more into them.  We see that all of the time in our lives, and CrossFit class is no exception.  You might not hit the ideal, but with some planning, attention, and focus, you can certainly increase the benefit and take away from your CF class.

This month set a goal on the whiteboard that will “make you better than yesterday”!

-New Beginner class begins this Saturday at 8am. Don’t be late or you’ll have BURPEES!

Skill: Hang Power Snatch Progression

2 minutes of work-
1 Hang Power Snatch (95/55)
1 Burpee

2 Hang Power Snatches & 2 Burpees -Continue the ladder until time is up.

Strategy: No rest, transition fast from movements, efficiency is key

4sets- 3 mins rest

-Score highest reps completed per round

Ring Row 3 x 10
DB Row 3×5

Paleo Diet Research

The research in favour of a “primal” or “ancestral” style health approach is piling up. And scientists from a variety of fields — nutrition, physical education, biochemistry, anthropology, agriculture, genetics, medicine, etc. — are working together to figure out how this approach can help us understand and improve people’s health, fitness, nutrition, and overall wellness.

Researchers are still figuring out the details, but in general, here are the key ideas:

  • Evolution is slow and our “old” bodies are trying to cope with “new” demands and routines. These include novel foods, technology, and modern environments.
  • The mismatch between what we evolved to do and the challenges of our new environments can cause stress and a host of unique health problems.
  • With some simple changes that bring us more in tune with our evolutionary past, we can improve our health and our well-being.

Now, there’s some debate about what, exactly, these changes should involve. Yet there’s general agreement that the changes should be things like:

  • getting outside regularly for sunshine, fresh air, and natural surroundings
  • eating whole, unprocessed foods that our bodies digest and use properly
  • reducing technological distractions and “noise” as much as possible
  • working to improve our mindfulness, awareness, and focus
  • staying in tune with natural cycles of light/seasons (e.g. go to bed when it’s dark)
  • minimizing stress — mental, emotional, physiological — especially chronic stress
  • moving in natural, functional ways; using our whole bodies in complex movements
  • … and playing as much as possible
What about the Paleo Diet do you struggle most with?

-Welcome Ryan to the family!

Today’s Workout (April 5, 2012)

Strength & Skill: Hang Power Snatch 5 x 3


200m Run
5 Rounds-
3 Bar Burpees
5 Push Press (115/75)
8 Wall balls
200m Run

-Score: Total Time to complete workout