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Strength: Back Squat 5 x 3

On the Minute, every minutes for 20 minutes:
Choose 3 Gymnastics Movements for this rep scheme:





Push Jerk or Split Jerk-Work up to heavy 2 rep


AMRAP in 12 min:

2 Burpee-2 Pullups- 2 HSPU

3 Burpee-3 Pullups- 3 HSPU

4 Burpee-4 Pullups- 4 HSPU…

Score: Number of rounds and reps last completed.

(ex: 4 burpees and 2 Pullups )

I’m still fighting which is better for me; squats or fish oil. I swear by two things: that backs squats are the foundation to all elite movement and fish oil can cure cancer (not really but pretty darn close).

Carlson Fish oil is best brand on the market

Here’s how you test the quality of your fish oil. Pour a bit of fish oil and place it in the freezer overnight. If the oil freezes it’s crap. That’s evidence that your fish oil is mostly water, rather than oil itself.




Please read “Help Keith Heel”

By: Kevin Kemp (member of CrossFit Naples)

Hey Everyone,
You may already know that recently my twin brother, Keith, shattered his heel bone while playing at the park with his 2 1/2 yr old son. Due to the severity of his injury it unfortunately means he will be out of work for at the least 12 weeks. Also, since he doesn’t have health insurance his healing process is taking even longer since no Dr. will even see him or attempt to do work on his injury. The surgery is complicated, takes a team of specialist, and of course will be quite expensive.
I know Keith is the last person who would ever ask for anything from anyone, but i was hoping we could all come together and help for support or even for a small donation. Every little bit counts, and would be greatly appreciated and helpful in this difficult time for Keith and his family.

In trying to help with Kevin brothers situation the idea was thrown about doing a fundraise in which 5 or 10cents is donated for every rep completed in the conditioning workout. Their is no limit in how much you donate but we thought this would be a fun way to help Kevin’s brother out.

Max Weighted Pushup
Last Set strip half the weight for max reps
(15min cap)
5min Squat
4min HSPU
3min MU/Ring Dip/Dip
2min Feet to Bar/Situp
1min Hollow Rock 

-Score for reps..Donations go to Kevin Kemp and His Brother