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Spartan Races. Tough Mudder. Warrior Dash

Obstacle course races (OCRs) are taking the fitness world by storm with their combination of varied terrain, changes in elevation and climate, and, of course, seemingly torturous obstacles. For CrossFitters who pride themselves in training for the unknown, there is certain synergy to these types of races. Like a challenging WOD, the race course is varied, requiring participants to dig deep, ignore pain, and face fear as they move through the obstacles.

As with CrossFit, power and strength are key, but so, too, is technique. Weaknesses are quickly exposed; there is no place to hide. Just as CrossFit is replacing traditional commercial gym training, the newest versions of obstacle course racing are edging out their more conservative cousins such as triathlons.

Lets get a team together and test our fitness!

Tough Mudder-Jacksonville, FL (May 18, 2013). Whose down?


P.S. Don’t ask how we managed that!

Friday’s Workout

50 Situps
40 Med Ball Cleans
30 HR Pushups
20 Single Leg squat
10 Burpee Pullup

-Rest 3minutes: REPEAT

Saturday’s Workout

Beach Workout 8am at Lowdermilk Beach Park.

All classes cancelled.

Bigger and Better

Did you know that this month would be exactly 2 years since we opened CrossFit Naples?

Also, Did you know CF Naples has grown 300% since last December?!!

I can’t help but stop and be grateful for everything this year has brought. The best part about opening the doors to CrossFit Naples? Getting to know and be invited into the lives of all of our athletes. Everyone has come to us with different reasons. Some start with us because they want to lose weight and make their health a priority, others come to us bored from their monotous routines, and other come to make sure they can remain independent for as long as possible. Whatever the reason that brought them in,   they have achieved their initial goals, and also got a whole lot more! Great friends, new challenges, new sources of inspiration, and a new outlook on what is possible. Our pride has always been in helping people realize their ability and capacity. We have always instilled hard work as the key to success in and out of the gym. We encouraged taking risks while expecting excellence.

In doing so, we have created a community of like-minded individuals. We sought to create a community that would cheer on until the last person finished. A community of modesty (we know we look good, we don’t need to wear tight clothes and take off our t-shirts to do so), and  a community that was inviting. Thanks to all our members for making this community awesome!!

This year our motto is “BIGGER AND BETTER”

Bigger facility, Better coaching

Bigger (more) equipment, Better services

Bigger (more) classes, Better accountability

Bigger and Better! Who’s with us?!



Tuesday’s Workout

Overhead  Squat- Work up to bodyweight (15minute cap)

For time
6 sets-
20 Double Unders
10 Alternating Pistols
-30second rest btwn sets

Wednesday’s Workout

10 Strict Pull up
10 Hand Release Push up
60m run
8 strict Pull up
8 HR Pushup
60m run
6 strict PulUp
6 HR Push up
60m run
4 strict Pllup
4 HR Pushup
60m run 
2 strict Pullup
2 HR Pushup
60m run



On healing

By: CrossFit Lisbeth

What’s worse than injury? Fear of injury.

An injury will hurt. It will set you back. It might even cripple you, for a while. But the fear of injury can cripple you for far longer.

Injuries happen. In CrossFit. In any sport. In regular life, too. Who hasn’t tripped and fallen in their own house? Cut themselves with a sharp knife making dinner? Maybe, you’ve also torn up your knee on the softball field, or broken your collarbone on a hard crash when you hit a rock and went over your handlebars. And, yes, you’ve probably torn up your hands with too many pull-ups, or maybe tweaked your shoulder with a heavy snatch.

Life, done right, is a contact sport. It hurts and you don’t always come away with the ball and a clear path to the hoop. Sometimes, you find yourself limping off the court for a while. Time to heal and get stronger again. Important healing will need to take place between your ears, also. If you don’t get your mind right after an injury, you will never get your body back to where you were, or beyond that stage.

So, learn from your injury. Be smart. But get over it. What holds most people back is their fear of pain, not the pain itself. It’s a mind game, and they lose. Don’t be most people. Be stronger — in mind and body.

Saturday’s Workout


30 Clean & Jerks for Time (135/95)

-All Donations will go to support Mammograms in Action


-Friends & Family Welcome!

Monday’s Workout

A1.Batwing Rows 5 x 30 second holds (Video Here)
A2. Ring Rows 5 x 8: Rest 1 minutes

Teams of Two-
100sec Hand Stand Holds (one-Gator, two-Gator, three-Gator…)
150 Pushups (hand release)
200 Pistols

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