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Rules are good!

Rules are good. They guide us for the better. They offer structure and discipline in a world of chaos. Here are some rules to live by according to Michael Pollan, author of the best seller “Food Rules.” 

Rule 63: “Cook”

Pollan says “the decline in home cooking closely parallels the rise in obesity”—not because we flock to fast food places, but because most restaurant chefs go crazy with sugar, salt and unhealthy oils. (See: Why is Sugar So Bad for You?)

Rule 60: “Treat treats as treats”

Food marketers want us to believe that we get pleasure from eating foods that are bad for us (the old “you deserve it” trick). Having one “cheat day” a week helps curb overindulgence.

Pollan has a more structured variation of the rule: “No snacks, no seconds, no sweets except on days that begin with the letter S.

Rule 13: “Eat only foods that will eventually rot”

Sometimes things become such a staple in our diet that we forget they aren’t actually food (you’re familiar with this example). When we stop eating real, rot-able food, it seems that we—just like the major food manufacturers—only care about the bottom line. But in our case, it’s the wrong bottom line… we go for the cheapest, fastest food we can find, with little regard to how it lowers our quality of life, or how much time and money we’ll pay later to fix the damage.

A few more rules of thumb for finding real food: “If it came from a plant, eat it; if it was made in a plant, don’t” and “shop the peripheries of the supermarket.” Read More

-Welcome newest athlete Christina to the CF Naples community!

Tuesday’s Workout

3 sets-90 seconds each:
-Pull up
-KB Swing (53/35)
-Single-Single-Double Under

-3 minute REST–Score Total Reps on Pullup and KB Swing

SKILL OF THE WEEK: Toes-to-bar

Wednesday’s Workout

“CF Total”

Back Squat 1RM

Press 1RM

Deadlift 1RM

-Bring your journals and record your scores!


Rowing Clinic was a blast!

 This past weekend CrossFit Naples held its first ever Rowing Clinic. It was a great time!

Chuck Roth, president of the Rowing Association of Naples lead the clinic. An Olympic Rower in the 1971 Olympics. He made some really great points that we can use. He began with the history of the indoor rower a.k.a. the erg. Living up North during the winter rowers had difficulty training because of the snow. Over the years attempts were made to artificially create the feeling of rowing indoors (given the fact the rivers were frozen!).”We detest the erg for many reasons,” Chuck would say. He said “You have to almost be a masochist to enjoy the rower.” He was hilarious yet insightful to say the least.

During the practical session Chuck introduced some very simple basics to help us improve our technique. These were the three that stood out the most to me.

1. During the slide position of the stroke  (the point when your seat/butt starts moving back be sure that your handle is moving back with you) otherwise, your not doing any work because the handle hasn’t moved.

2. Most people set the damper setting way too high. 10 on the damper setting is all legs. 1 would be considered all cardio. “If you want cardio keep it low.”

3.  When your legs have fully extended. Your done. From there you should bring the handle back to the start position. “Bringing  the handle any further back is useless.”

Chuck was a wealth of knowledge. We finished the clinic by trying to row the fastest 2000m that we could. Afterword, he offered the person who improved the most in one month would receive a free rowing lesson on the water. Can’t beat that!!

Be on the lookout for more clinics to come to CFN…Olympic Lifting, Running, Gymnastics!!

Tuesday’s Workout

Strength: Press 5-4-3-2-1


Max 800m Run-Go for PR

Rest 4-5minutes

Max 800m Row-Go for PR

Skill of the Week: Rope Climb

…coming up Wednesday

“Fight Gone Bad”

Three rounds of:
Wall-ball, 20 pound ball 10 ft target (Reps),
Sumo Deadlift High-Pull 75 pounds (Reps),
Box Jump, 20″ box (Reps),
Push-press 75 pounds (Reps),
Row (Calories).

1 minute rest in between rounds.

-This is a benchmark. Be sure to mark in your journals.

What is your Post Workout Supplement?

Are you taking a Post Workout Shake? You should be….start with Whey!

Whey protein is a pure, natural, high quality protein from cow’s milk.  Our whey protein is derived from a grass fed, free range cows, which are never treated with antibiotics or bovine growth hormones.  It is a rich source of the essential amino acids needed on a daily basis by the body.

Our proteins hydrate well in water and are absorbed very well by your body. All whey proteins differ in lactose content, fats and calcium and Pure Whey has low lactose content (averaging about 1.8%); is low in cholesterol; and high in free calcium.

It is an excellent protein choice for all ages including children and provides a number of benefits in areas including sports nutrition, weight management, immune support, bone health, and general wellness.

If you are concerned about your child’s food choices, Pure Whey, with 89% protein content is an excellent choice to help kids grow up healthy.

Recommended Dose: As a dietary supplement, mix one scoop with 6-8 oz water or milk (skim, whole, raw, almond). Recommended to be taken in the morning, but may be taken anytime. Store in a cool dry place. Do not refrigerate. Container is 30 Servings.

We are currently selling SFH Whey Protein in our store. We are selling it for retail price. Ask a coach for more information

Ring of Fire is so Fun!

Tuesday’s Workout:

Strength: Press 3-3-2-2-1

For Time-
Burpee (jump on bumper plate)
10 Handstand Holds (shoulder touch)
-10minute cap

…coming up Wednesday

8 Minutes-
KB Swing
Double Under
-Active Rest 4 minutes
-Next set will last 7 minutes (your goal will be to get the same or more reps than you got your first round)

Cash out:
Rope Climb 3×1

Paleo Challenge Day #19

Regular exercise, though, is great for your body. One major benefit: It improves your insulin metabolism. Many overweight people are insensitive to insulin, a hormone secreted by the pancrease that aids the entry of fructose from the bloodstream into all cells of the body, including the muscle cells. When muscle cells become insensitive to insulin, the pancreas responds by secreting more insulin, This, in turn, raised the normal level of insulin in the bloodstreem. The reslting elevation of blood insulin levls, called “hyperinsulinemia,” is the underlying cause of the “Syndrome X” diseases (coronary artery diseasestroke, and type 2 diabetes). Insulin is  a master hormone that influences many other critical cellular functions. An elevated level of insulin in the bloodstream encourages fat deposition and the develompment of obseity. 

In other words, although exercise alone does not cause the large caloric deficit needed for weight loss, it sets the metabolic stage for weight loss to occur by improving your insulin metabolism-as long as you cut back on calories (The Paleo Diet, 201)

Today’s Workout (Tuesday, June 19, 2012)

Strength: Press 2RM


20 minutes of work-
60yd sprints
15 pushups

Paleo Diet Day #2

Here are some tips and tricks to better equip you for success on the Paleo Diet. If you fail to Plan, you plan to fail.

1) Eat every 2-3 hours – no matter what.

2) Eat complete, lean protein each time you eat.

3) Eat vegetables every time you eat.

4) If want to eat a carbohydrate that’s not a fruit or a vegetable (this includes things like things rice, pasta, potatoes, etc), you can – but you’ll need to save it until after you’ve exercised. *You’ll also have to deduct this from your points sheet

5) A good percentage of your diet (25-35%) must come from fat. Just be sure it’s the right kind.

6) Ditch the calorie containing drinks (including fruit juice).

7) Focus on whole foods.

8 ) Have 10% foods of your choice

9) Develop food preparation strategies.

10) Balance daily food choices with healthy variety.

Dr. Berardi’s Good Nutrition Rules. Read More

-Where do you fall in this graph?

Today’s Workout (Saturday, June 2, 2012)

Strength: Press 3RM


For time- 30-20-10-5

Wall Ball and Russian Kettlebell Swings (53/35)

Pick aggressive weights, and haul butt!

Are you taking a post-workout shake?

Post workout shakes are just as essential as stretching. The intensity of our workouts cannot be overstated enough. Take extra care of yourself by supplementating with a post workout shake. There is a 20 minute window after your workout that is essential for you toward faster results. The number one question you should ask yourself  is “what are your body composition goals?”. With this answer you will be guided by the proper macronutrient ratios.

  • If you want to gain muscle: drink significant protein (30-40grams) and significant carbs (40 grams).
  • If you want to maintain you body composition: drink significant protein (30-40grams) and smaller portion of carbs (25grams).
  • If you want to loose Body Fat: drink significant protein (30-40grams) and no carbs.

There is no exact perfect formula. Everyone is different. Also how hard you are training comes into effect. Harder you train the more food and rest you need.

Experiment and find what works for you.

-Welcome Dustin to the CrossFit Naples community!

Today’s Workout (Wednesday, May 16, 2012)

Skill: Overhead Efficiency


6 rounds for time-
3 Reps Anyway Overhead – 185/105
6 Chin ups
9 Push Ups (Clapping)