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Here are some yummy Paleo recipes that you can use this Thanksgiving. And remember to count your blessings, we all have so much to be thankful for!

Paleo Recipes



Wednesday’s Workout

Skill of the Week: L-sits progressions

Strength: Barbell lunges 5×6

2 x 1o minutes of work: 3 minute rest between sets

-21 Pullups
-12 HSPU
-21 KB swings

Thursday’s Workout

7:30 Gobble Gobble 4-miler (sign up here)

9:00 CrossFit Class– Come and find out!

Friday (No Class)

Saturday (Regular Schedule)

I should’ve made time

By: Mindy Coby

It’s rare, but there are days when I literally have to talk myself into putting on my Olympic shoes and getting on the WOD floor.

It’s not that I don’t love CrossFit, I most certainly do. I’ve loved it from day one. I love the community at my box, what it’s done for my body, my health, and my mind. Short of God and family, it’s basically the greatest thing ever.

But just because I love it doesn’t mean I always like CrossFit.

Sometimes, when I look up at the clock during a workout, I think, “I could just stop, its not like anyone is here to notice.”

But then I remember why I bought those Olys in the first place. I remember that burning desire that I’ve had for months on end to achieve my goals. My desire never leaves, it just becomes temporarily masked by fatigue, or a busy schedule, or whatever excuse I have that day.

The days I want to be there the least, are the days I gain the most.

I learn to push without a crowd or a coach. I can actually hear the sound of the bar dropping, the whip of the rope, and my own breathing. CrossFit bring me clarity. Me against me, against the clock, against a whiteboard.

No matter how I walk in, I leave accomplished. I can go about the rest of my day that is still waiting for me, no worse off than it was before, and I can rest assured that at night that I won’t have to deal with thinking about how, “I really should’ve made time.”

Wednesday’s Workout

Skill of the Week: Hand Stand Progressions

For time:
500m row
20 Thrusters (95/65)
50 Situps
20 Thrusters
50 DB Snatch (25 each side)

 Thursday’s Workout

Skill of the Week: Hand Stand Progressions

Teams of Two-

5 Minute AMRAP Pullups
Partner Deadlift Hold (185/135)

5 Minute AMRAP Max Pushups
Partner Holds Plate Overhead (45/35)

5 Minute AMRAP Air Dyne Sprints
Partner Hold Heavy Dumbbell

Bigger and Better

Did you know that this month would be exactly 2 years since we opened CrossFit Naples?

Also, Did you know CF Naples has grown 300% since last December?!!

I can’t help but stop and be grateful for everything this year has brought. The best part about opening the doors to CrossFit Naples? Getting to know and be invited into the lives of all of our athletes. Everyone has come to us with different reasons. Some start with us because they want to lose weight and make their health a priority, others come to us bored from their monotous routines, and other come to make sure they can remain independent for as long as possible. Whatever the reason that brought them in,   they have achieved their initial goals, and also got a whole lot more! Great friends, new challenges, new sources of inspiration, and a new outlook on what is possible. Our pride has always been in helping people realize their ability and capacity. We have always instilled hard work as the key to success in and out of the gym. We encouraged taking risks while expecting excellence.

In doing so, we have created a community of like-minded individuals. We sought to create a community that would cheer on until the last person finished. A community of modesty (we know we look good, we don’t need to wear tight clothes and take off our t-shirts to do so), and  a community that was inviting. Thanks to all our members for making this community awesome!!

This year our motto is “BIGGER AND BETTER”

Bigger facility, Better coaching

Bigger (more) equipment, Better services

Bigger (more) classes, Better accountability

Bigger and Better! Who’s with us?!



Tuesday’s Workout

Overhead  Squat- Work up to bodyweight (15minute cap)

For time
6 sets-
20 Double Unders
10 Alternating Pistols
-30second rest btwn sets

Wednesday’s Workout

10 Strict Pull up
10 Hand Release Push up
60m run
8 strict Pull up
8 HR Pushup
60m run
6 strict PulUp
6 HR Push up
60m run
4 strict Pllup
4 HR Pushup
60m run 
2 strict Pullup
2 HR Pushup
60m run



Monday Funday, Tuesday Funday…

I posted this to my Facebook Monday morning after teaching class at 6am and recieved a nice confirmation from individuals with my same mentality. 

It’s a mind set to think like this and I admit-at times- I fall short. But there are moments like this morning that really make me grateful for all that I have. Monday morning is officially “MONDAY FUNDAY” and guess what, so is tuesday, and wednesday….well you get the point.

Get excited about something! Nothing is worth doing if you aren’t have fun.

I once heard of a story of a garbage man who spent 25 years picking garbage for a living. You would think he was the most angry, depressed man alive. On the contrary, he was known for singing songs with a jubilant smile on his face. To be honest, I forget how the rest of the story went because I couldn’t imagine how a man could be so happy.

Looking back the story was teaching PERSPECTIVE and it’s that perspective that I continue to remind myself about when I’m upset or angry, or even mildly depressed.  It’s in those moments that I remind myself to enjoy the moment. That it could always be worse.  

This morning was one of those days. Thanks for a great morning!


Tuesday’s Workout

Strength: Back Squat (prep for workout)

14 minutes of Work:

  • Even Minutes -Max Rep Double Unders
  • Odd Minutes – Max Rep Low Bar Back Squats (225/135)

Wednesdays Workout

4 minutes
5 SDHP (135/95)
5 Wall Ball

Rest 3 minutes

4 minutes
10 Cal Row
10 Pullup

Rest 3 minutes

4 minutes
15 Air Squats
15 Situps

Snatching With Limited Flexibility

Courtesy of CrossFit Journal

At the recent CrossFit Tour stop in Big Sky, Mont., Olympic-weightlifting coach Mike Burgener hosted a clinic and of course handed out some burpees.

In this clip, he helps Olivia Swant of CrossFit Billings with her overhead squat. To start, she does an overhead squat with a PVC pipe.

“Oh, God,” Burgener says.

First, he checks her stance, grip and position. Then he finds the limits of her range of motion. After that, Burgener has Swant stand with a PVC pipe overhead and begin to squat.

“Stop. Bring me the hips,” he repeats multiple times as she goes down further, inches at a time.

“One year from now, if I don’t have you doing that perfectly, I’m fired,” Burgener adds.

He then recommends Swant temporarily use the split snatch, as well as overhead lunges in place of overhead squats.

Burgener explains: “That is the overhead squat for the split until we get strong enough.”

Click here for more information and a list of upcoming CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Trainer Courses.

8min 40sec- Watch HERE

Welcome newest athlete Miranda to CF Naples!

Thursday’s Workout

Thruster (95/65)

Friday’s Workout 

A. Front Squat KB Lunges 5 x 8:0 sec rest (53/35)
B. Box Jumps 5 x 8; (30/24)
-Rest 1:1

7 rounds-
60m sprints
-walk back

We are Crossfitters

Too often clients associate their fitness with being skinnier and watching their weight go down. Don’t be a victim of this. Record your workout performances instead and use this scientific data as your fitness barometer. It’s okay to be weight-conscious, but be careful of being addicted to a false indicator of fitness. We are Crossfitters. We build muscle, we produce power. You will know when you are fit. You will know that regardless of what the scale says you just PR’d by 100 points on Fight Gone Bad or dropped your Fran time by 45 seconds. Then I’ll ask you again if you care how much you weigh.

-Measuring Your Success, Coach K (Dec. 27, 2007)

…coming up Monday

Skill of the Week: Power Clean

Behind the Neck Push Press 5 x 5

5 minute AMRAP: Max Burpee Pullup


5 minute AMRAP: Max Burpee Box Jump