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“Ice Monster”

Friday, January 20, 2012

Paleo Challenge Blog (Day 12)

Everything we do is scalable. Women, children, obese, elderly, wounded warriors, Moms, special forces, elite athletes are all doing Crossfit.  Workouts are modified as needed to be accessible by anyone yet challenging to everyone.  The CrossFit community is accessible to children, senior citizens, morbidly obese, and handicapped.  CrossFit is also the conditioning system of choice for SWAT teams, military special forces, Olympians, and professional athletes.  Like singing, it takes a moment to learn, and a lifetime to master.

Rob is the man. Most humble guy you’ll ever meet.

Today’s Workout

Skill: Power Clean, Squat Clean, Jerk, Thruster

800+ meter wall with Medicine Ball
Max reps Barbell “Ground to Overhead”

  • Level 3 (200/135)
  • Level 2 (135/95)
  • Level 1 (95/55)

Cash out: Hand Stand and Dips skill work

Functional Movement + Variety + Intensity= CrossFit


Friday, January, 13, 2012

SicFit: 25 Ways CrossFit is changing Fitness and Changing the World

13. Play.  There is a focus on evolving, learning new skills, experimenting, and applying our fitness to enjoy life more, or at least suck less at life. Training in the gym is about living life better outside of the gym. Having a sport and trying new sports is encouraged.

14. Goal focused.  Defining fitness, and measuring performance enables people to focus on goals.  Goal focus is also enhanced by the intense competitive design that occurs when we compete against the clock. Just like the sport of football would be pointless with a score, likewise, competing in CrossFit with a score is futile and leads no where.

15. Functional.  CrossFit movements are based upon primal movement patterns that we use to do work and play sports in the real world.  The only place in the world where an lifting with an isolated bicep curl occurs is in a globo gym (traditional gym). Most CrossFit exercises emphasize whole body movements that involve multiple joints and muscles working together in a coordinated manner.  These movements raise the metabolic intensity of CrossFit workouts.  Translated that means lose weight, get strong, and become coordinated. Whereas most gyms are filled with machines that isolate movements, Crossfitters are the machines.  We perform real-world functional movements using our bodies and real weights instead of artificial workout machines.

Notice in the image below their are no machines. Nor will you find one in at CrossFit Naples.

Whats your least favorite movement in CrossFit?

Workout of the Day

Strength: Front Squat Barbell Lunges 6-6-6-6-6-6 (heavy)

Front Squat
Push Jerk
-10 Toes to Bar Between Sets

-Score: Amount taken to complete

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Stamina as defined in the 10 General Physical Skill of Crossfit states that stamina is the ability of the body to process, store, deliver, and utilize energy. When that system is compromised so is stamina via muscle contraction. Ironically the only way to improve stamina is to push the envelop during training. Today is your day.

Workout of the Day

Strength & Stamina:
2 Press/4 Push Press/6 Push Jerk
4 sets: rest as needed: goal is to increase as much weight as the set will allow

3 rounds-
1min KB Swing
1min Situps
1min Box Jump
1min Toes to Bar
1min Sprints
Rest 1 minute

Tuesday December 13, 2011

Strength: Split Jerk Practice


20 minutes of work

  • 400m Run
  • 21 Deadlifts (155/95)

Rest 30 seconds between rounds

-Score total rounds

Thank God for rest intervals!



Thursday December 1, 2011

Strength:Bench Max Rep at BW; 3 sets (not including warmup)
AMRAP 7minutes
12 DB Push Jerk
21 Feet DB Lunges
Repeat once more
Even lions use weightlifting for survival of the fittest. 


Split jerk

30sec each station;
push press (95/65)
Pull ups
Sit ups
rest 30 seconds between rounds

Dogs are so pimp! This is what I saw driving down Airport Road today. Who thinks we should have a gym mascot!!! I do…