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Strength: Romanian Deadlift 5×5 (slow tempo)

10 rounds for time of
3 Handstand push-ups
225 pound Deadlift, 6 reps
12 Pull-ups

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When I first read this article it was if I was born again to a new realm of fitness. It challenged everything I thought I knew about exercise. If you have the time please read this article. It will change you life.


Strength: Romanian Deadlift
slow tempo

AMRAP 15 minutes
10 Single Arm DB Snatch
20 yd DB Lunge
30 DB Anchored Situp

(this workout requires you to use the same two dumbells for the whole workout)

The Romanian Deadlift is the best exercise for the “posterior chain.” This chain begins at your glutes, runs down your hamstrings, all the way down to your heel chords. When you wake up on Tuesday and say “wow my glutes are sore!” It’s because of the RDLs. Though we can’t load as much as the deadlift, when done with proper tempo, it’s sure to get your posterior chain firing.


Romanian Deadlift 5-4-3-3-3

8min AMRAP
21 KB Swing
400 Run
Rest 4 mins

(From Left-to-Right: Bodybuilder, Marathoner, CrossFitter)

If your a female which bodytype do you prefer?