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Baseline Challenge this Saturday!

Check in begins at 8:40, and will conclude by 10:30 am. Check-in will include receiving your T-shirt, wristband, and obtaining your scorecard. You must present your score card before you enter your heat. To keep the standards high, each of you will have a judge with you during your entire baseline workout. We are asking all participating athletes to help judge at least one or more of the heats. This is a great opportunity to help your fellow athlete meet all of the standards. We will be briefing everyone on the movement standards before we begin.

Opening remarks will be at 8:50 am, and the first heat will kick off promptly at 9 am!!!
The first four heats will run on 15 minute increments, with a 12 minute time cap per heat. The later heats will run every ten minutes, with an 8 minute time cap per heat. Please RSVP via this email if you have not already! We need an accurate count to assign the heats.We will be setting up an athlete warm-up area in the back parking area. This will allow you guys to warm up and be ready to go in time for your heat.

There will be prizes for first and second place male and female Rx’d scores.


Schedule of Events

  • 8:30-8:50 AM Check in
  • 8:50-9:00 Opening Remarks & Movement Standards Review
  • 9:00-9:12 Heat 1
  • 9:15-9:27 Heat 2
  • 9:30- 9:42 Heat 3
  • 9:45-9:57 Heat 4
  • 10:00- 10:08 Heat 5
  • 10:10-10:18 Heat 6
  • 10:20-10:28 Winners announced!

CF Naples

Friday’s Workout

Strength: Deadlift 1 Rep Max (overhead grip only)



1 minute each: 4 rounds

  • Pullup
  • Ring Row
  • Dip
  • Box Jump

Score: Max Reps per round

Saturday’s Workout

Baseline Challenge this Saturday!

On healing

By: CrossFit Lisbeth

What’s worse than injury? Fear of injury.

An injury will hurt. It will set you back. It might even cripple you, for a while. But the fear of injury can cripple you for far longer.

Injuries happen. In CrossFit. In any sport. In regular life, too. Who hasn’t tripped and fallen in their own house? Cut themselves with a sharp knife making dinner? Maybe, you’ve also torn up your knee on the softball field, or broken your collarbone on a hard crash when you hit a rock and went over your handlebars. And, yes, you’ve probably torn up your hands with too many pull-ups, or maybe tweaked your shoulder with a heavy snatch.

Life, done right, is a contact sport. It hurts and you don’t always come away with the ball and a clear path to the hoop. Sometimes, you find yourself limping off the court for a while. Time to heal and get stronger again. Important healing will need to take place between your ears, also. If you don’t get your mind right after an injury, you will never get your body back to where you were, or beyond that stage.

So, learn from your injury. Be smart. But get over it. What holds most people back is their fear of pain, not the pain itself. It’s a mind game, and they lose. Don’t be most people. Be stronger — in mind and body.

Saturday’s Workout


30 Clean & Jerks for Time (135/95)

-All Donations will go to support Mammograms in Action


-Friends & Family Welcome!

Monday’s Workout

A1.Batwing Rows 5 x 30 second holds (Video Here)
A2. Ring Rows 5 x 8: Rest 1 minutes

Teams of Two-
100sec Hand Stand Holds (one-Gator, two-Gator, three-Gator…)
150 Pushups (hand release)
200 Pistols

Is this you?

Is this you?

1. You  make it to class early, you actually take the time to effectively foam roll especially if it hurts, and you might even make it through the bathroom line before the run.

2. You rock the warm up,  and you don’t have to ask a coach (or fellow athlete) to repeat the directions even one time.  Today, you know for sure exactly how many squats to do on the starting line, and how many burpees on the 15 yard line.

3. Time for the strength portion, so you pull out your up-to-date, well-ordered, and complete workout journal.  You KNOW what you did for last week’s press, and you are ready to increase the weight.  None of that slapping some weight on the bar and just hoping that some how it all works out, hoping that today it will just feel right.

4.  It’s finally time for the WOD, you listen to the workout briefing, and then you are excited to do whatever is on the board!  No grumbling or frowning for you, even if you did power cleans yesterday too.  You know you’ll be fine.

5.  When the coach says you have 5 minutes to get ready for the WOD, you take that seriously, grab all of your equipment, and set up, politely making sure you aren’t moving in on someone else’s pull up bar or wall space.  No one has to wait for you while you run to the bathroom.

6.  Intense focus and determination.  That’s you during the wod.  No dialing it in and no sand-bagging it.You give it all you’ve got and your movements are precise and mindful. 

7.  Clean up time!  You put away all your equipment, wiping down anything that needs it.  You take a quick moment to log your work in your journal.

8.  And of course you stretch.  Would there be any doubt?  You take the time to foam roll, maybe stretch out those quads, and what ever else needs to be taken care of today.

The truth is that we all know deep down that we get more out of things when we put more into them.  We see that all of the time in our lives, and CrossFit class is no exception.  You might not hit the ideal, but with some planning, attention, and focus, you can certainly increase the benefit and take away from your CF class.

This month set a goal on the whiteboard that will “make you better than yesterday”!

-New Beginner class begins this Saturday at 8am. Don’t be late or you’ll have BURPEES!

Skill: Hang Power Snatch Progression

2 minutes of work-
1 Hang Power Snatch (95/55)
1 Burpee

2 Hang Power Snatches & 2 Burpees -Continue the ladder until time is up.

Strategy: No rest, transition fast from movements, efficiency is key

4sets- 3 mins rest

-Score highest reps completed per round

Ring Row 3 x 10
DB Row 3×5


Great job on Saturday lifting and setting new PR’s. Two issues this weekend that we want everyone to work on:

1. Know your numbers...everyone should know how much they lift. If you don’t how do you know if your improving. Have a journal that you can record all your numbers. This week is especially important.

2. Know your mobility issues...when you arrive at the gym you should take sometime to get loose and mobile. If you don’t know your mobility limitations by now see one of the coaches. We can all improve on this.


Max Weighted Pullup

or Max Ring Row


Death By Burpee (15min cap)

Muscle weighs more than fat is cliche but true. If you don’t feel like your weight is dropping fast enough I would contend that your building muscle mass while losing adipose (fat) tissue. Ask for your FREE body fat testing. Record your weight and waist measurements once a week.