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2013 is around the corner!

Have you started thinking about your fitness goals for 2013?  We’re giving you more opportunities to train and make those goals a reality in the New Year. Here are some new classes and services we are adding for 2013.

Adult Classes/Day (Tues & Thursday) Beginning January 1st.

  • Early Morning (9: 30AM)

Kids Classes beginning February

  • 4:15 PM Kids Class (Mon & Wed)

Additional Open Gym Times from 11-2pm (Mon-Saturday)

Specialty Classes* in Strength, Olympic Lifting, Endurance and more!

Subject Matter Clinics with experts in Rowing, Running, and Olympic Lifting

FREE Community events at the track, beach, park.

If that doesn’t get you excited then….

Women of CF Naples!!

Women of CF Naples!!

Friday’s Workout

Skill: Rope Climb

Strength: Overhead Squat

“Mario’s Birthday Workout”
2 rounds-
12 BB Sumo Deadlift High Pull (105/75)
21 Partial KB Swing (heavy)
84 Double-Unders

Saturday’s Workout

“12 Days of Christmas Workout”


For time:

Start at 12 and work your way down repeating the previous day(s) and adding the next day. Example: (1)12 squats (2)12 squats, 11 sit ups (3)12 squats, 11 situps, 10 wallballs, etc… LIKE THE SONG!!

  • 12 Squats
  • 11 Sit Ups
  • 10 Wall Balls
  • 9 KBS  #55/35
  • 8 Burpees
  • 7 Box Jumps
  • 6 Deadlift  #135/95
  • 5 Push Ups
  • 4 Pull Ups
  • 3 Ring Dips
  • 2 Front Squat  #135/95
  • 1 Mile Run


Baseline RECAP

This Saturday we had hosted our 2nd ever Baseline Challenge, and it was a huge success! We had 19 athletes participate, and saw great effort and results by all. Here is a recap of what went down. The event started with our first women’s heat consisting of Kelly, Jen W, Danielle, and Anne. These ladies started off strong on the rower, and made quick transitions to the squats. They were ready to compete! Kelly was unstoppable on the air squats, and Jen was making up time on her “money maker” pushups! Danielle, one of our newest members, held on strong, shaving 5 seconds off her baseline time from her initial time just two weeks ago! Special acknowledgement to Anne, completing this workout while 8 months pregnant!! Amazing!!

The second heat continued with 3 of our male competitors, Mike C, Tyler and Dustin. The heat was all about RESULTS! These boys were off, holding competitive times in the 1:30’s to start on their 500m row. They pushed each other and stayed moving at a fast pace the whole time. Both Dustin and Tyler completed the workout as prescribed, including a beautiful finish on pull ups. Mike C completed the workout going down from the green band to the blue band, which is a huge accomplishment. Overall, this heat was definitely one to watch, with all times under 6 minutes.

The third heat was 4 of our most recent members, Chrissy, Beth, Tenley and Cammeron. These ladies had some of the most significant improvements to their times, from their initial baseline just a few weeks back. It is incredible to see such progress in just a few weeks. The numbers don’t lie! Great progress, and tremendous improvements for each one of these ladies. Our final women’s heat included our 3 of our Rx’d competitors, and this was the grand finale. These girls have been working hard on their pull ups. Petergaye was the only female to complete the workout as prescribed last time, and the only female on the leaderboard. This year, Carrie has been named the “Pull up Queen”, and Dawn recently completed pull ups in a workout just a few days before. There was a lot riding on this heat, and the results were nothing short of amazing. The workout started off strong with Anges working hard to be first off the rower, and the rest of the girls were not far behind. Carrie took a quick lead after the squats, and maintained that lead all the way into her finish of 5:22, making her the new winner and top spot on the leaderboard! Now it was a race for second place. Petergaye had 6 to go as Dawn got on the bar, connecting two pull ups at a time. It was a battle. Petergaye finished with a 30 second improvement from her previous score, with Dawn not far behind.

And finally, our final men’s heat was the most exciting 4 minutes of the day! These boys were flying through this workout. The final heat was made up of Kirk, Greg, Luke, and Santiago. The crowd was going nutts! They knew they had to be under 4:30 to have a competitive time, and a chance to get on the leaderboard. These boys were neck-and-neck throughout the entire workout, especially Santiago and Luke on the situps and pushups. Luke was first to the pull up bar, with Santiago close behind. Kirk came onto the bar third, and with 1 quick set of 10 pull ups, he finished as our winner with a score of 4:08, knocking the previous leader off the leaderboard. Sorry Craig. After it was all over, we enjoyed some great conversations, fun pictures, and seeing the little kids play on the rowers and on the equipment. Thanks to everyone who participated! We could not be more proud of our athletes. Keep training these movements, and get ready for the next “Baseline Challenge”.


Wednesday’s Workout

Skill of the Week: Rope Climb


15 minutes of work-
10 Push Jerks (96/65)
20 Squat
100m Run

Thursday’s Workout

Skill of the Week: Rope Climb

Strength: Deadlift (5×5)


15 minutes of work-
400m Run
40 Situps (wall-straight-leg)

Power Clean equals explosion

The power clean is critical to sports performance training because it is a scalable way to develop power, writes Mark Rippetoe, of The Wichita Falls Athletic Club/CrossFit Wichita Falls.

The power clean teaches explosion. It cannot be done slowly. And since it involves a longer pull than the squat clean, it emphasizes the finish, where the maximum hip, knee, and ankle extension occurs, without the added complication of the front squat part of the movement.

There will be a weight, however light or heavy, that the athlete can handle correctly. That weight can be gradually increased, enabling athletes of any level of advancement to increase power production. Since athletics depends so heavily on the ability to exert force rapidly, the clean is a very useful tool for all athletes.

The power clean is best thought of as a jump with the bar in the hands, followed immediately by an upward forward slam of the elbows to rack it on the shoulders. It is much easier to learn from the hang position; learning it off the floor tends to understate the importance of the explosive phase at the top.

There are a couple of cues that we can use that are most effective:

1. Jump and Land in a partial squat
2. Keep elbows and torso up
3. Stay tight

Monday’s Workout:

Skill of the Week: Rope Climb

Bench (Heavy 4 rep)


Teams of Two- 5000m Row (500m each)

-Partner can do Perfect Push-ups to make up for time (count on a “no rep” if not perfect, exquisite, and beautiful). Each Pushup equals 1m on the Row. Modified will not count.

-20 minute cap.

Tuesday’s Workout

Skill of the Week: Rope Climb

Conditioning: for time:
Power Clean (75% BW)


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