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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Part 1

A1. Push Press
3-2-1;0 sec rest
A2. Rope Climb x1; rest 3min
Part 2

5min DB Deadlift
4min BB Push Jerk
Rest 1 minute
3min Hand Stand Push Up
2min Ball Slams (video)
1min Sprints











One element of crossfit which is frequently intimidating to someone starting crossfit is the mascot Pukie the clown. This mascot was created because of the intensity of some of the workouts drove some people to puke either because they wen’t beyond their limits or didn’t scale up the intenstity of their workouts in a normal pace. If you work to understand your limits and are patient with your progress you can become an excellent athelete without ever “meeting Pukie” and this fear should not be something to worry about if you follow the advice in this article.









DB Floor Bench 4 x Max Rep

For Time:
DU/Rope Climb

The success of a rope climb is not as much dependent on upper body strength as the ability to clamp the rope properly.

Rope Climbing Activities (pdf)

Circus Act

3RM Squat Clean (20minutes time cap)

Rest 5minutes

5 rounds:

2 Rope Assents

20 Ring Dips

Don’t forget to get that ball in your booty afterward.

High Socks

As Many Rounds As Possible in 20min:

10 Wallballs

20 Double Unders

2 Rope Assents

Rope climbs are an effective functional exercise in our training program. They are fun and demand numerous physical skills to perform. Even if you are not be able to get up the rope yet, there are effective ways to scale climbs so you can still benefit from the movement. Climbing the rope is not just about strength; you must utilize good technique and footwork to climb efficiently. Check out the video below for a few of our favorite methods for climbing the rope and ways to scale the movement for anyone!

Rope Climb

NOTE: If you have a pair of high-socks…wear them today!