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Keep Calm and Eat Paleo

CrossFit alone will not suffice! I say that again, CrossFit alone, or any exercise program for that matter, will not suffice by itself. You would be crazy to do CrossFit day in-and-day out expecting not to see results. That’s the reason you push yourselves so hard everyday. You expect to see the fruit of you labor!

With that said you are doing yourself an injustice if you aren’t atleast thinking about the quality of your food intake. I find that if you deal with the quality of your food, you never have to deal with the quantity. Now that’s a reason to start eating healthier.

Don’t sabotage your results. You have one hour in the gym to get things right, and 23 hours in the day to screw them up. Make the right choices!


Today’s Workout (Thursday, May 31, 2012)

Skill: Clean Progression & Front Squats


3 rounds for time-
20 Front Squats (135/95)
20 Situps to Squats
200m Sprints (run)

-Score: Total Time to complete

Paleo Recipe: Paleo Bars


  • 3 Tbs coconut oil
  • 1/4 cup carob powder or cocoa (optional)
  • 1/2 cup ground nuts (almonds, hazelnuts)
  • 3/4 cup unsweetened shredded coconut
  • 1 Tbs raw honey (optional, add more to taste)
  • parchment paper


  1. Melt the honey and coconut oil in a saucepan over medium heat.
  2. Once combined, add the carob, ground nuts and coconut and mix together.
  3. Pour mixture onto a small baking sheet covered in parchment paper.  Form into a square when cool enough to touch.
  4. Refrigerate until hardened. Cut into 4 servings.

Today’s Workout (Wednesday, May 23, 2012)

Strength: Back Squat 5 x5


“Double Baseline”

800m Run

80 Squats

60 Situps

40 Pushups

20 Pullups

What is the purpose of good flexibility?

Written by Andy Petranek

Have you thought about it? You see people all over mobilizing, stretching, rolling around on foam rollers and lacrosse balls to increase their ROM (range of motion). Have you ever asked yourself the question why? I mean really… do you stretch just because you’ve heard it’s good for you, or because for the couple of minutes you do it twice a week actually do feel good (when you’re done)? And what, exactly, should you be able to do with the flexibility you gain? Once you’ve gained some, how do you know how much is enough? Do you look at someone that is “really flexible” in the gym and think that you should be able to do that splits? Or is there some number in a book somewhere that gives you the “right” answer for each joint in your body?

Is it possible that it’s much simpler than that?

Is it possible that it’s much simpler than that? Could your ideal ROM be determined by your functional ability to perform various functional movements… like the squat, deadlift, or overhead press? And, if you’re competing at higher levels in CrossFit or need more ROM for specific movements in your sport, those movements dictate your requirements?

And, if you’re competing at higher levels in CrossFit or need more ROM for specific movements in your sport, those movements dictate your requirements? If so, then it’s probably slightly different for everyone. Can you squat easily? If not, what holds you back?
In the video below from the mobilitywod, Kelly Star discusses this topic – insightful to hear the thoughts of a guy who’s treated ROM issues in tens-of-thousands of athletes.

Watch HERE

Ashley, Thomas, and Paul

Today’s Workout (Friday May 18, 2012)

Skill Transfer Work:

A. Do as many Pull-Ups as you can without dropping off the bar.- 3 attempts

B. Max # of situps completed in 2 minutes

C. Max Hand Stand Holds without dropping-3 attempts

D. Max Box Jumps in 2 minutes

I love sweet potatoes

The famous Nurses’ Health Study at Harvard Medical School found that women who ate lots of foods rich in beta-carotene, such as sweet potatoes, reduced their risk of breast cancer by as much as 25 percent. Eating sweet potatoes is a smart move for you if you have high blood pressure. That’s because they’re rich in potassium, a mineral known for bringing pressure down. You’ll get more potassium from a sweet potato than you will from a banana!

When recommending a better choice of starchy carbohydrates- we always prescribe sweet potatoes over common choices such as white potatoes, pasta, or bread. Here are some cool links further explaining their benefits:

9 Benefits of Sweet Potatoe

WH Food- Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes vs White Potatoes

Today’s Workout (Thursday, May 10, 2012)

Strength: Front Squat 1RM


1 minute One Arm DB snatch (70/45)
1 minute One Arm DB snatch (other side)
1 minute Situp
rest 1 minute; 3 sets

Paleo Recipe: Guacamole Deviled Eggs


  • 4 eggs, hard-boiled
  • 1 avocado
  • 2 tsp hot sauce
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • sea salt (optional)
  • freshly ground black pepper


  1. Peel hard-boiled eggs and cut in half length-wise.  Spoon out yolks into a small bowl.
  2. Mash yolks with avocado, hot sauce and lemon juice.  Season with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste.
  3. Refill egg whites with the yolk mixture.

Today’s Workout (Thursday, May 10, 2012)

Strength: Weighted Pushup 1 RM

25 Double Unders
100ft farmers carry (70/40)
25 Toes to Rings or 50 Situps
3 rounds-

Time Cap: 15 mintues

That’s just the way it is…NOT

Posted By CrossFit Lisbeth

“That’s just the way it is.”

Ugh. Raise your hand if you hate that saying.

“That’s just the way it is.”

What an excuse for mediocrity.

Those words are a symbol that you’ve given up, or that you won’t try harder, or that you just don’t care anymore.

Don’t do it. Don’t use those words. Don’t surrender. Fight for better.

Ban that statement from your lexicon. When you find yourself defending the status quo with vague nothingness, instead of searching for a way to improve whatever “that” is, stop yourself. Slap yourself. Do burpees. Do handstands. Do something to wake yourself up and pour some oxygen into your brain and realize “Just because something sucks doesn’t mean it always has to suck.”

Decide not to accept. Decide not to settle. Decide to make it better.

“That’s just the way it is.” 

Oh yeah. For now. But that doesn’t mean forever. All of the world’s improvements came because somebody refused to accept the way things are, and had the guts to start working on the way things could be …

Petergaye showing off her muscles at West Palm beach this past weekend.

Today’s Workout (May 2, 2012)

Strength: Weighted Pullup 3RM


Double Under