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“Ice Monster”

Friday, January 20, 2012

Paleo Challenge Blog (Day 12)

Everything we do is scalable. Women, children, obese, elderly, wounded warriors, Moms, special forces, elite athletes are all doing Crossfit.  Workouts are modified as needed to be accessible by anyone yet challenging to everyone.  The CrossFit community is accessible to children, senior citizens, morbidly obese, and handicapped.  CrossFit is also the conditioning system of choice for SWAT teams, military special forces, Olympians, and professional athletes.  Like singing, it takes a moment to learn, and a lifetime to master.

Rob is the man. Most humble guy you’ll ever meet.

Today’s Workout

Skill: Power Clean, Squat Clean, Jerk, Thruster

800+ meter wall with Medicine Ball
Max reps Barbell “Ground to Overhead”

  • Level 3 (200/135)
  • Level 2 (135/95)
  • Level 1 (95/55)

Cash out: Hand Stand and Dips skill work



Overhead Squat-work up to heavy 3rm


150 reps for time-Partner Squat Clean

Find weight you can agree on that is challenging.

(1 bar per group)

15 minute time cap

Getting use to a wrist in that front squat position is not easy. Some would rather cross arms to compensate for a lack of mobility and technique. We believe that rolling your bar over your palms (as seen in the female lifter) is most functional. An arms crossed position does not allow for transferability overhead such as clean & jerks, and thrusters. Learn to set the bar on your shoulders and you’ll find your wrist to hurt so much. Wrist straps help as well.



Squat Clean
Work up to a heavy 1 rep. NOT a Max
(15min cap)
For Time:
Med Ball Clean
(15min cap)