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You Might Be A Crossfit Girl If:

You Might Be A Crossfit Girl If:

  • You purposely get out of bed at 5:30am on a Monday to do something called  a “WOD”.
  • You get nauseous just hearing the word “burpee”.
  • You take “You were a freaking beast today!” as a compliment.
  • You talk about doing “Fran” even though you are totally straight.
  • You have front squatted your dog, just to see if you can.
  • You are not sure what the real use for PVC piping is, but know it is awesome for pass-throughs and lift demonstrations.
  • Picking your calluses has replaced your nervous habit of biting your nails.
  • You NEVER watch a trainer demonstrate something and think, “That looks easy”. You know better!

If you are a Crossfitter, add your own in the comment section. 

W0w! Remember This?!! We’ve come so far!!

Monday’s Workout

Skill of the Week: Barbell Good Mornings (video)

Practice:  10 min’s kipping work

-2 min max Air squats
-2 min max KB Swings overhead
-2 min max Anchored Sit ups
-2 min max Ring dips  (Level 1: bar dips or box dips)

-rest 1 min between movements


SCORE:  Total Reps for both rounds

Tuesday’s Workout

Skill of the Week: Barbell Good Mornings (video)

Strength: Press-1 rep max

3 rounds for time-
25 Push Press (75/45)
100 meter traveling singles

Beyond the Whiteboard

On Beyond the Whiteboard, there are currently 100,000 different workouts in its’ database. In the database it has the fastest times ever recorded for these workouts. The vast majority of these are random workouts created on a whim by an individual athlete. But in the CrossFit world, certain workouts (most of them named) are done over and over again. Here are the 10 most popular CrossFit workouts. Be curious and find out what the highest “Cindy” score is.

Website: http://beyondthewhiteboard.com/

Santiago is one of our most dedicated athletes. He shows up 4-5 day’s a/week. He is coachable and super-friendly. He came to us out of Officer Candidate School 4 months ago. Awaiting orders his desire was to get in amazing shape. Just a couple of weeks ago he was given orders to deploy in January and now that he has his orders, his new goal is to destroy the physical assessment he has to take when he goes back in. I’m pretty sure he’s going to kill it!

Tuesday’s Workout

Back Squat

“Cindy” AMRAP in 10 minutes

  • 5 Pull Ups
  • 10 Push Ups
  • 15 Squats
-Post total rounds

Wednesday’s Workout

For time:
500m row
25 Wallballs (20/14)
400m row
20 Wallballs
300m row
15 Wallballs
200m row
10 Wallballs

-Post interval times and weight used on wallball

The Secret Society of Awesome

By CrossFit Lisbeth

It used to be a very small society — this CrossFit thing. You’d wear your CrossFit t-shirt in the airport and hope that another CrossFitter spotted you and wanted to talk … because the people in your town sure didn’t understand what the hell you were doing. They thought you were crazy…

Then it got bigger — more folks would give you the head nod, or the grin.

I ran through an airport in 2008, late for a plane, with an unzipped jacket over my CrossFit shirt. I was actually sprinting towards the gate, my jacket flying open as I skidded around the corner. My “CrossFit” flashed for a moment. A man on the other side of the waiting area threw his arms in the air and yelled “CROSSFIT!” as I ran onto the plane. That’s when I thought “We’re really onto something” — because no one had ever yelled “Mountain biking!” or “Elliptical!” across a crowded airport to me in my entire life.

The secret society is not so secret anymore. I sat in my optometrist’s office the other day and listened to the CrossFitting staff discuss snatches and cleans with the CrossFitting patients, in between trying on glasses and discussing lens coatings. That was weird — and it was actually really cool. They all sounded so excited.

Some people mourn the spread of CrossFit — they long for the early days when it was still small and not so well-known. Let them. You can’t put the genie back in the bottle. You can only grasp what is front of you. Like my friend who texted me because the cell phone salesman had seen her CrossFit hoodie and was suddenly able to give her an upgrade and a free case. He was one of us too. “CrossFit is like this secret society of awesome,” she said. Yeah. Indeed, it is.

Tuesday’s Workout

Two rounds for time:
15 Chest to bar pull-ups
20 Burpees
15  Sumo-deadlift high-pull (95/65)
20 Double Unders

Wednesday’s Workout

Strength: Push Jerk 3rm (15 minute cap)

For Time:
Teams of Two
100 Pullups
200 Pushups
300 Squats

Rowing Clinic Saturday, August 18th from 9-10:30am

CrossFit Naples is hosting a rowing clinic on Saturday, August 18,2012 from 9-10:30am.

“We will have fun and everybody will

see results that day!”

George Hiller of the Rowing Association of Naples will be conducting a 90 minute clinic.

Topics will Include:

  • Proper form and use of the erg (AKA: Rower).
  • How to effectively apply intensity on the erg.
  • How to effectively drop your erg score.
  • How to use the erg as a cross trainer for other sports and workouts.

Clinic Time:
9 – 10:30 a.m.
CrossFit Naples, 4110 Enterprise Avenue, Suite 106, Naples, FL 34104
$25 Includes: Packet, Paleo Snacks, Team Workout
Fee payable at the door. $25 cash or check. Must RSVP.

Space is Limited. No CrossFit experience necessary. Friends, Family, and local CrossFitters Welcome.

Interesting Fact: Why are rowing machines called ergs?
Modern indoor rowers are often known as ergometers (colloquially erg or ergo), an ergometer being a device which measures the amount of work performed. The indoor rower is calibrated to measure the amount of energy the rower is using through their use of the equipment.
The beautiful ladies of CrossFit Naples!

Tuesday’s Workout

For Time- (teams of two)
3000m Row
150 Double Unders

Wednesday’s Workout

As many rounds as possible in 20 mins of:
1 Ground To Overhead (so heavy you want to scream or crap your pants)
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Air Squats
Post total rounds.

Baseline Challenge

Are you ready for your Baseline Challenge??

Check in begins at 8:30, and will conclude by 8:50 am. Check in will include receiving your T-shirt, wristband, and obtaining your scorecard. You must present your score card before you enter your heat. To keep the standards high, each of you will have a judge with you during your entire baseline workout. We are asking all participating athletes to help judge at least one or more of the heats. This is a great opportunity to help your fellow athlete meet all of the standards. We will be briefing everyone on the movement standards before we begin

Opening remarks will be at 8:50 am, and the first heat will kick off promptly at 9 am!!!

The first four heats will run on 15 minute increments, with a 12 minute time cap per heat. The later heats will run every ten minutes, with an 8 minute time cap per heat. Please RSVP via this email if you have not already! We need an accurate count to assign the heats.We will be setting up an athlete warm-up area in the back parking area. This will allow you guys to warm up and be ready to go in time for your heat.

There will be prizes for first place male and female Rx’d scores, as well as raffle prizes and giveaways throughout the event.

Schedule of Events

  • 8:30-8:50 AM Check in
  • 8:50-9:00 Opening Remarks & Movement Standards Review
  • 9:00-9:12 Heat 1
  • 9:15-9:27 Heat 2
  • 9:30- 9:42 Heat 3
  • 9:45-9:57 Heat 4
  • 10:00- 10:08 Heat 5
  • 10:10-10:18 Heat 6
  • 10:20-10:28 Heat 7
  • 10:30- 10:38 Heat 8
  • 10:40- 11:00 Extra heats as needed
  • 11:00 am Winners announced, Raffle Drawings

Saturday’s Workout

The “Baseline” 

…coming up Monday

For Time (teams of two)-
50 Burpees
40 Deadlifts (50% of Max)
300m Run(together)
20 Second Hand Stand Hold (no wall, each)
1 Rope Climb (each)
-20 minute Cap



Types of Workouts We Do and Why

CrossFit works because of the intensity. Intensity is your ability to perform as much work as possible in the least amount of time as possible. I often post a workout, and then get to the gym at the end of the day and check the results.There are always numerous times that are WAY over the time frame I intended. That’s where modifications are crucial. Here are some of the things I think about when programming workouts:

Strength- Not to hard to explain. It’s a cookie cutter strength training template. We do lots of 5 x 5’s and 5 x 3’s. The goal is to keep track of how much you lift and then add to it the next time you do the same movement. For example, if I do 5 x 3 back squat on Monday at 275 for my last set, and then do a 5 x 3 back squat again in 6 weeks, I will attempt to  back squat 10# heavier than the lift I did previously. This is a simple method to gain strength and assess improvement. We do lots of lifting like this so it is super important that you keep track of your numbers! Without a foundation of strength you will never get better.

Short Conditioning- These are burners. I say less than 8 minutes, but often I am thinking the 5 minute range is perfect. Really all this type of workout is is a mental test. Think of the workout “Fran”. How much work can you do while taking the least amount of rest as possible? Do a burner as fast and as hard as possible, and you end up in a place that is no fun to go to. This type of workout is a necessary evil, but not the type of workout you need to do every single training session. Very taxing on the central nervous system.

Medium Conditioning- These are the “money maker” workouts and where we spend most of our time. The time frame is generally 8-14 minutes. There is some rest expected to happen, but we are still at a range that permits us to do much more work than rest. You will get great results if you spend the majority of your time in the medium range coupled with a solid strength program.

Long Conditioning- These workout are anything over 20 minutes. If you are doing a variety of movements, expect to spend much more time resting. These workouts are good to do on occasion, but if you are resting more than you are working, what’s the point? We keep these long workouts to a minimum. If not, you will not last the test of time with CrossFit. Overuse injuries are the norm during these type of workouts.

Non-Timed Workouts- These are used to focus primary on skill acquistion. Sometimes we are so used to the clock it’s hard not to image a workout without it. These workouts are important so that you can rest mentally. The next few days we focus on mechanics, technique, and efficiency for the sake of improved performance on Saturday’s Baseline Re-test!

-Chris super focused during last Saturday’s workout.

Thursday’s Workout


A. Row- Proper Technique (tips here) 2000m Row (with Partner)-focus is pacing and leg drive

B. Weighted Pushup 5×5

C. Reverse Tabata Squats (10 seconds of work: 20 seconds of rest: 8sets)

…coming up Friday

Not timed:

A. Pullup Cues (work with partner on: beat swing, pull up, and the push away)

B. Overhead BB Lunges 5×6 (start off the rack)

C. Reverse Tabata Situps (10 seconds of work: 20 seconds of rest: 8sets)