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Team Up

Team Workout:

AMRAP 15minutes:

A1. 200m Run

B1. 10 KB swings
B2. 10 Push ups

Example: While Partner A runs 200m, Partner B must complete 10 KB swings 10 Pushups as many times before partner A comes back. When Partner A arrives back, he or she must continue where Partner B left off.

Score: Max Rounds of KB swing and Pushup

We know CrossFit Games champ Graham Holmberg can deal with the unknown and unknowable. But Holmberg also enjoys dealing with the unknown when participating in yoga classes led by his fiancée, Savanna Wilson. For the co-owner of Rogue Fitness/CrossFit Columbus, it’s refreshing to be able to stop planning workouts for 45 minutes while following a series of movements created by someone else.

Holmberg uses yoga to improve his flexibility, but he also uses it to work on his concentration and intensity during focused movement. Even so, he believes the flexibility benefits are unmistakeable, and flexibility is one of CrossFit’s 10 general physical skills—even if many ignore it completely.

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