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3’s Company

-Deadlift (135/95)- 3minute AMRAP


-Powerclean (135/95)- 3minute AMRAP


-Front Squat (3RM)- 3minute time cap to find your 3 Rep Max

*Post Total for DL & FS as well as 3RM

Round back + chicken neck = bad deadlift

What is “chicken necking?”. Also known as cervical hyperextension. You gave away your nice, straight spine when your head went back. The spine should be in neutral position when deadlifting. So why give that away by throwing your head back? Chicken necking is not only wrong and unattractive, it opens you up to potential injury. Loss of neutral spine during a lift puts great stress on your spinal discs and can cause a herniation. So be kind to your back and keep your neck in check.

Chicken necking isn’t limited to deadlifts. We see it in the snatch and the clean also. So stay alert: any time we say “straight back” or “neutral spine” – this means your neck too!

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