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Kindness 101

By Jennie West

We are taught a lot of things in life. like how to use our manners or how to function in society, but one thing that matters the absolute most is kindness. we can all go about our days being “nice” which is defined as pleasant, agreeable or satisfactory in websters dictionary. or… or we can be kind. when my children are fighting i don’t reprimand them to be nice, i ask them to be kind.  i want to teach them that there is a huge difference between nice and kind.  i want them to grow up not being “pleasant, agreeable or just satisfactory”, but rather friendly, generous and considerate in nature as defined by webster.

I was in publix one time and there was a lady in front of me with a baby in the cart and bags of groceries ready to take home. only her card was declined. she fumbled around embarrassed and flustered. she told the cashier she would be right back after she went to her car to get another card to try.  the cashier went ahead and rang up my groceries and when she told me my total, i quietly asked her to put the lady that just walked outs bill on my card as well. she looked at me sideways and said “are you sure?” i replied yes and scurried to my car just as the lady was walking back in.  i never saw that lady again. it is my hope that she took that day, tucked it in her heart and passed it on.

I did what i did that day, because kindness was shown to me and the way that i felt in that moment was to pass it on so others could feel just as i did. life is to rushed anymore. people don’t slow down to really listen to each other.  we hurry about our lives never stopping to take note of those around us and the battles or conquers they are living.  don’t just be satisfactory.  really listen when someone is speaking. pass on the goodness that can be had in this world when so much bad is happening.  slow down and relish the people around you. because aren’t we all just people living our lives one dream at a time.  we are all the same, human, and we all deserve kindness. so in the coming days and weeks ahead find a moment to slow down, to look around and find a moment in life where you can be kind. for if we all did one act of kindness imagine how it could change the world…

crossfit naples beach workout

Monday’s Workout

5 Rounds
20 Wallballs
6 Clean & Jerks 135lb/95


Athlete Spotlight: Mike C.

Not only has Mike been one of our longest standing members at CFN, he is also an inspiration to us all. As a football and track coach in high school he loves to coach and give back. Thanks for your dedication Mike.
1. How were you introduced to Crossfit?
The school I was working at had a few parents that did Crossfit and I got interested.  I had been working out doing P90X and Insanity for over a year and needed something new and different I could do.
2. Favorite WOD/Lift:
Any Olympic lift is good!  Clean/Jerk, Snatch, Squat Cleans…
3. I have always wanted to:
Climb a mountain.  Not hike… literally climb! (I’m working up to it!)
4. One word people use to describe me:
5. Outside of the gym I like to:
Go to the beach, hang out with friends, and go to concerts.  I like to do almost anything… YOLO!
6. Something nobody knows about me or would be surprised to know about me:
I have one pectoral muscle from a horrific baseball incident was I was young.
7. Favorite physical activity outside of Crossfit:
Playing new and different sports; ultimate Frisbee, Gator ball… etc..
8. Favorite place to eat in Naples:
How sad is this…… Moes
9. Song that gets me pumped for a workout:
Eminem: Lose Yourself
10. Proudest Accomplishment:
Being recruited to play college football in Kentucky and all the kids I have coached since!
Monday’s Workout
Skill of Week: Hollow Rock
Strength: Back Squat 5 x 5
10 minutes of “Cindy”
-5 Pullups
-10 Pushups
-15 Air Squats
Tuesday’s Workout
Skill of the Week: Hollow Rock
For Time-
35 Wall Balls
Run 300m
35 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
Run 300m
35 Thrusters
Run 300m

Events for February: RSVP

This is the last week to sign up for these FREE events (for members). Be sure to email your prospective coach to RSVP.

Food For Fuel
Sat, Feb 2, 2013

For new students or those looking to brush up on some of the fundamentals of powerful nutrition. Learn about what foods to eat, The Paleo Diet, as well as some great tips to kick start your shopping, preparation, cooking, and eating on the go! Don’t forget to bring your journal and a notepad. Email kirk@crossfitnaples.com to reserve your spot.

Kipping Pullup Skills Clinic
Sat, Feb 9, 2013

Skill clinics are an hour long class designed to give each participant even more professional coaching and instruction on a specific CrossFit movement. It’s time to master that kipping pullup once and for all. Skill Clinics ARE INCLUDED in every membership. Limited to 8 spots. Email greg@crossfitnaples.com to RSVP.


Wednesday’s Workout

Tabata Intervals (20sec on/10sec off: 8 sets)

  • Air Dyne
  • Wall Ball
  • Anchored Situp

Thursday’s Workout

10 rounds for time of (cap):

  • 3 Handstand Push Ups
  • 6 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
  • 12 Pull-ups