The Fun-Suck Cycle

The Fun-Suck Cycle

There is a blurry line between what is fun and what is suck-y in crossFit.  Some workouts spend more time on one end or the other, but every WOD is an opportunity to work through the cycle.  Sometimes you see a workout filled with your favorite movements and say “woohoo, it’s gonna be awesome.”  Other times it may seem all “suck.”

The good news is CrossFit lets us practice suffering. Not working through an injury or anything of that nature, but practicing being uncomfortable for a time and know that we will live through it.  That intensity and practice is what gets our intended results both in our bodies and in our mental/emotional state.  We learn that even though our brain may say, “Stop!” our bodies can keep going farther than we think.  CrossFit Naples is a safe place with coaches who know your body and capabilities, we can practice pushing those limits.  Every WOD is an opportunity to trust in our training and test our bodies while building some mental toughness.

I also look at it like an opportunity to find the Fun part, which sometimes is a challenge in itself.  Maybe it’s a movement or part of the WOD (no, not just the END!)  Or I often say, “Okay, how can I scale or modify this workout to make sure I’m aligning the results with my intended goals for fitness?”  That may mean a goal is unbroken sets on something, or certain pacing on a row/run.  Logging workouts and walking through the doors mean I get the opportunity to test out a previous gameplan  and improve on it.  Every class is a perfect opportunity for this theory.

Seek out the fun, and work through the suck.  
What is your fun and suck part of the cycle today?


Our dear members Brooke and her brother Andy on her wedding day!

Thursday,September 25th


A) For Time: 2,000 m row (10 min cap)

B) For Time: 300 Double Unders (10 min cap)

C) Every 30 seconds for 5 mins:

  • 10 sit ups

Boot Camp

A) Skill: Front Squat

B) 12 min AMRAP:

  • 5 Front Squats (45/33)
  • 20 Singles

*Cash Out: Sit Ups

Discussion: Importance of Lower Body Mobility

coming Friday


  • Back Squat (BW)
  • DB Push Press
  • DB Row

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